Easy Non-Slip Grip

One thing I hear lots of people say about homemade slippers is that they are too slippy. I personally love to slide around on my laminate floors, but if you have little kids or prefer to act like a grown up, maybe you’d like to make slippers nonslip. 

I’ve heard people using chaulk and a big chaulking gun, and I imagine it works great, but how gloppy it must be!! The way I know is easy, cheap, and even super cute! 

I finished another slipper from this November 1962 issue, it isn’t a pair yet, but it’ll do to teach you this trick. 

For some reason I ended up with a ridge in this one that my green pair didn’t have, so I have to replicate that when I make it’s mate.

Here’s the key to my trick:

A cheap tube of the puffy fabric paint! I tend to grab a new bottle every time I make slippers and then lose it before I make slippers again. And here’s how it works:

Just use the tip to squeeze on any design you want! In the past I’ve done names, paw prints, hearts, dots,  or just random squiggles. A kids slipper is super cute with their name on the bottom for grip.  The paints obviously come in tons of colors, so you can match it to your project. If you’re an organized crafter you probably already have some and know right where they are! I admit though all of my Christmas gift slippers will probably have white designs, because that is the color I just bought and it matches everything. Once it dries it’s machine washable, and they work great for a non slip surface. 

Of all the random bottles I’ve bought I’ve never had it not work. However some brands do have a finer tip, or a thicker paint, and are better at making designs than other brands are. I didn’t care for the flow of this paint, and feel like my hearts came out a bit wonky. I don’t think this paint would make a great name design, but it could work. 

So there you have it! My cheap, easy, no slip grip trick! Enjoy! And I’d love to see what you make! 

Unrelated to the trick, but for this slipper I did the exact size listed in the pattern, and it seems small to me. I’ve said before I have big feet, and this should be a standard sized slipper, but I do find myself looking at it and saying “I can’t believe people have feet that small! I feel like a hobbit!”

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