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Denise Crochet Hook Set- Review

A Happy Accident

Recently I attempted to order a back up set of Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles and accidentally ordered the Denise Crochet set by mistake. I wasn’t upset though, the crochet set had been on my wish list for some time, so I considered it a happy accident. I was just leery about how often I’d use them and so I kept putting off ordering them. I already have tons of crochet hooks, and ordered a set of basic Tunisian hooks with long cords, so the Denise set was just sort of an extra. Truth be told though the long cords get in the way on small projects, so I really see the value of the interchangeable lengths.

When the set arrived it was very pretty, well packaged (as the Denise sets always are) and colorful. I fell instantly in love, except, I don’t always like plastic hooks. I was nervous.

The kit came with some instructions for Tunisian Crochet, which was nice because I was a bit out of practice. So I worked up a quick swatch.

My Opinion

I REALLY liked the hooks! I tend to be a hook gripper, and have snapped plastic ones before, and even bent metal ones (terrible habits I know.) These hooks are slightly shorted, so when holding it the cable edge is taking the brunt of my grip and that part is made to flex, so it felt sturdy and nice. Even the G hook feels sturdy in the hand, but I haven’t used the smallest size yet to vouch for it.

All in all I LOVE this set and think I’ll be grabbing it for most of my crochet projects. If you do double ended crochet (which I do hope to try) you can buy two sets and make your own double ended hooks! I’ve now used this set for several basic crochet project and liked it, and I’ve used it on an upcoming afghan stitch project and loved it then too.

I really didn’t expect to love these needles as much as I do. I knew I’d LIKE them, but to LOVE them seemed like a stretch. I do though. I’ve completed several projects with these, and every new project that starts I grab this set instead of my old hook pouch. This is easily the best happy accident ever.

These hooks also can be used interchangeably with the Denise knitting needles! So you can switch easily from knit to crochet, or combine cables from different sets. Of the interchangeable sets out there the Denise are one of the most affordable options, and they carry a lifetime warranty! All components are made in the USA. Another amazing feature is that you can buy extra components, including longer cables, replacement needles, and more, so you are never without a piece you may need.

My set is the Crochet Hook Kit- Brights and includes 12 hooks, 7 cords, 4 end caps and two extenders (plus a hard shell case). But there is SO many other kits and styles available. I also have the blue knitting kit and love it as well.

A Deal for You

If you’d love your own set of these hooks (or any other great Denise products!)  you can follow the link in my sidebar (or click HERE) and I have an exclusive coupon code for a limited time! Use the code “myworkbasket” for 15% off until almost midnight on June 21! There will be at least one Tunisian Crochet Project coming soon, so now is the perfect time to order if you need hooks! I need to utilize this coupon myself and get some extra cables and pieces!

(I am an Denise affiliate, and I will get a small commission on your purchase. That money helps keep this website running, and is greatly appreciated!)


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