Sunday, January 17, 2021
The cover and craft highlights from a December 1960 magazine issue-- My Workbasket
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December 1960

December 1960! When this magazine cost 15 cents to pick up at a newsstand, and as the handwritten note says shows “knit cuffs!”

Also in 1960, the US was the first to legalize the Birth Control Pill. Queen Elizabeth made it known her family would be known as the House of Windsor. The Beatles made their very first ever public performance. Perhaps you were reading Lady Catterly’s lover, this year it was unbanned in the England after 32 years, or maybe you were more of the To Kill a Mockingbird type.  If you could afford $219.95 for a 23″ tv then you could watch the first ever televised Presidental Debate between hopefuls Kennedy and Nixon, or maybe just watch Huckleberry Hound. When this issue came out you may have been celebrating Kennedy’s recent win! Maybe you even saw him in person, and took an instant picture with your $93.45 Polaroid camera.

The cover and craft highlights from a December 1960 magazine issue-- My Workbasket

Some super cute projects this month. There are indeed knit cuffs, as shown at the bottom right. You made them and then sew them into your coat to prevent the draft from coming in. Super smart idea!

Some amazing ads for the holiday and gift giving! Check out that car pipe rak! My Grandfather used to smoke a pipe, and this makes me think of him. He told me once that he used to smoke cigarettes, and one day when he and his buddies went to their usual restaurant their waitress (who he remembered by name) said “Did you see cigarettes are going up to 25 cents a pack?!?” His response was “When they do I’ll never buy another pack!” and indeed he switched to pipes.

A local nursery near me has Shrimp Plants every year when we go to look at their large train display. It’s far more than $1 though! That Frontier Cabin just makes my son jealous. I wish I could see those inflatable animals in person. I bet they look NOTHING like the picture, since to this day inflatables are not very realistic. A few highlights from ads in December 1960-- My Workbasket

As always I’m hoping to enjoy this issue and I hope you enjoy reading about it!

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