An overview of a Pack-o-Fun Magazine from December 1968 -- My Workbasket

I’ve mentioned my Pack-o-Fun stash here before. In fact, since I won an eBay auction in August for a decent stack I since got a great deal a thrift store for another stack just a few weeks ago. My collection is quickly growing! Even more exciting is two random stacks and not a single duplicate! Just for fun, I wanted to share a few highlights from this DecemberĀ  1968 issue. I’m hoping to even make a few of these crafts this month!

I have to say, that nativity, that’s a lot of matches. The mobile is quite simple and cute. You could probably make one without the direction. I think I even saw it somewhere else recently, but it could have been in another vintage magazine. The reindeer ornament is made from egg cartons!


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