Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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It’s Cursed! Cursed I tell you!!

Do you ever start a project, or a meal, and from start to finish it is just cursed? Just every little thing that can go wrong does, and what should be quick and/or easy take forever or is very hands on. That happened to me Sunday night while cooking dinner. I started a full 30 minutes earlier than usual but every single thing went wrong. I somehow was behind, things that should have been in the oven by six didn’t get there until 6:15 or even 6:30. Things broke. Things leaked. Things went missing. It was just cursed from beginning to end.

My roasted chicken took over two hours to cook! And even after coming to temperature in several places was a bloody mess when I went to cut into it! I asked my son to come help me at one point because everything was just falling apart. And worst of all was my Molded Carrot Ring, from the February 1967 issue. Carrots, onions, orange juice, and some eggs and spices, baked in  ring. Seems easy enough.

I got started, grated carrots. mixed everything together, and poured it all into my mold that I just bought for this project. Immediately my counter began to turn orange. My new mold leaks! Leaks BAD! I quickly flopped all of it back into the Pyrex mixing bowl I had used and just put that in the oven instead. Because of the non-molded shape it took a little longer to cook, but so did the chicken, so it worked out. It came out, looking good so far. Since cooking it in the bowl was an unplanned event the bowl wasn’t clean rimmed, as you can see, nor was it greased. But for the sake of experimentation, I attempted to unmold it and see what occurred. Technically it unmolded. However it also left quite a layer in the dish.

My lovely boys though, They both tasted it. We all agreed, it wasn’t great. It wasn’t even very good. We gave my son a very rare pass to not eat it. I got seconds in an attempt to figure out if changes could be made to make it good. The simple fact is that it was just TO orange! So ORANGE! All you tasted was orange! The texture wasn’t great either. Not very moldable. I suggested “Maybe some broth and some orange juice? Instead of all juice.” They said “maybe.”  I said “I can picture maybe a spoonful mixed into pancake batter!” They said “eehhh.”

I saved the leftovers, to experiment. Monday morning I made an omelet and added a spoonful of orange carrot mix, and it was pretty good! Sitting there, eating my orangey omelet, because yes it was so strongly orange that one spoonful added an orange flavor, I realized- I may have put WAY to much orange juice! In the disaster that was my kitchen that night, in that cursed environment, I think I used 2 1/2 cups instead of the 1 1/2 cups it calls for! No way to be sure without a second attempt. This time though, I’m making one tiny dish full, no 1 pound of carrots this time. I’ll update you, and include a recipe if it works,  after I’m done experimenting!

And, if you’re curious, I have NO idea why the chicken took so long, but when it finally decided to be done it was AMAZING! Plus, the beets, my beet hating husband got seconds! So it wasn’t all bad!


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