Curly “Teen” Hat

This curly "Teen Hat" gives you a ponytail of colorful curls! -- My Workbasket

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As soon as I saw the “teen” hat in this November 1962 issue I knew I had to make it! At the time I had a haircut that never would allow it, but now that I’ve made a few, and cut my hair, I think I may make another one for myself!

First I tried it, grabbed a random hook of a standard worsted variety, but the hat came out quite large! It was baggy on my large head so I knew it would never fit a child. I had a friend lined up to model it for me and didn’t want to disappoint her when it didn’t fit, so I made a second one, this time using a much smaller than standard hook, somewhere in the C or so guage, and that worked much better!

The hat was surprisingly quick to work up, and the second one was even faster! There is more than enough time to whip one up for a present if you have this issue.

When I set my mind to starting I wasn’t making it for anyone in particular, so I grabbed a random yarn, and it happened to be a very bright pink. I got a model lined up, who was being rewarded by keeping the hat, who happens to love pink. So that worked out. Life got in the way though and my model hasn’t gotten her hat yet, but I didn’t want the month to run out without sharing it with you, so here it is, modelled by a nearby stuffed animal.

The Curly "Teen Hat" that makes you have a colorful ponytail. --My Workbasket
Cute from the front! Adorable curls in the back! With a pom pom! I love pom poms.

The Curly "Teen Hat" that gives you a colorful curly ponytail!-- My Workbasket
And when I do snag a photo with my model I’ll post that too. If you hope to make one I find it much easier to tie the curls up with the pom pom while having it draped properly on a head, so you may need to snag a quick victim to help you with that.


  1. Your color choice is perfect for your model. Even matching the shirt. Thank you for sharing your labors. It looks wonderful.

  2. I would LOVE this pattern!

    1. Author

      This year should be safe to share without copyright issues. I’ll try to track down this issue again! Stay tuned and I’ll try to find it and post it.

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