How to Crochet Series- How to Triple Crochet! (Treble too!)

Step by step tutorial video for how to make the triple/treble crochet! -- My Workbasket

It’s time for part three of the how to crochet series, how to do the triple or treble crochet! The stitch is the same, some sources call it the treble, and some call it the triple. In modern US terminology anyway. In other countries the terms are different, and I have encountered antique patterns that use the other terminology as well. If you are learning to crochet though, here is the step by step of how to do the triple/treble crochet!

This video doesn’t feature the chain and basic steps, those can be found in the first part of the series. This video will show you how to chain, single crochet, and slip stitch.  I also have part two, which shows you how to double crochet! Add in my videos about how to change colors, and how to do the puff stitch, (scroll down, I promise it is there) and since now you know how to triple crochet, you’re ready for most crochet patterns out there! I still have a few more videos to do of some other basic stitches, and if you need any tutorial let me know!

Don’t forget that I have several free patterns here on the site, and now you should be able to do them all! Just a few of my freebies are: The Puffy Cowl, The Ann Shawl, The Kismet Cat Bed, the Zen Mug Cozy! I also will be releasing a basic formula soon for how to make a variety of mini crochet washcloths! After following all three parts of the tutorial you should be able to make all the ones I share, and more! They make a great gift and can be used in the bathroom or the kitchen! (I like them for washing my face, my Mom prefers them for washing her dishes, toemayto-toematoe)

I’d love to know if you are following along and learning to crochet! How is it working out for you? Any other crafts you’d like a tutorial video for?


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