Craft Kits- 5D Embroidery

Finished Owl from a Diamond Embroidery kit

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Almost every issue of The Workbasket features some variety of send away craft kit. Send away and get this or that or the other. So recently I decided to “send away” (in reality, order online at like 1:02 am) a craft kit for 5D embroidery.

I had originally heard of it when I was in a huge cross stitch phase (doesn’t everyone have one of those) and some of my groups mentioned them, or they’d come up while searching. The idea is that you glue a tiny rhinestone in a spot, similar to how you’d stitch an X and create a picture. The big difference is that there is no needle and thread. Also, usually some of the photo is done, and you create the main image. In some designs most of the canvas is done and you actually do very little.

I ordered this owl design and slowly awaited it’s arrival.  By the time it came I pretty much forgot I had even ordered it. It was a lazy Sunday though and I got right to work!

Each spot is labelled with a code (in this case numbers) and that code tells you what color goes where. You use the pen like tool, pick up a flick of “clay” and then use it to pick the color from the gem tray and apply it. The “clay,” I have no idea what it is. Almost a wax, almost a putty, not really a glue, possibly poison? I have no idea. It has no smell. They give you about an inch square and I used maybe a millimeter square. A little seems to go a long way. The tray is quite neat, you pour in the color you’re working with, give it a few shakes, and they line up in the rows that are easy to pick up. The gems themselves are plastic and quite small. The owl used ones that are not very sparkly on first appearance but are faceted. Different kits seem to use different shapes and styles. I’ve seen squarish gems, and also VERY sparkly ones. The areas where you work are already sticky on the canvas, no glue is needed. I worked on the top down, and peeled back the plastic protective sheet as needed. By the end the sheet was just off and I kept going.

It was FUN! This owl is a fairly small design, about 8×8″ but is fairly solid. Some designs, as I said, feature very little actual work. This owl was 11 colors, and only took about 3 hours! After you complete it you press down firmly and evenly to really secure all the gems. When he was all done it turned out much more light catching then I had expected. But I still love it. I do hope one day to track down a kit that is very matte and give it a try. Here you can see the gems a bit closer. I really enjoyed it! I ordered the kit very cheap online, direct from China, and only paid about $3. It included all the tools too. I’ve since ordered another, a cabin on the water, and may start it soon. I also just ordered two peacocks. I think they’re a nice kit for a rainy day. An interested kid could do it. It didn’t really take skill, just little focus. It is somewhat detailed, and I ended up hunched over a bit, so I had to stretch my back a lot. I haven’t decided yet what to do with my owl, but it can very easily be framed. I don’t think the glue would be secure enough for a pillow or anything though.

So there you have it, a fun little Send Away Craft! I’d LOVE to hear if you have ever done a 5D Embroidery, or have even heard of them. You can comment below, or use the contact page to send me an email.

Small side note- unrelated to Owley, I’m going out of town for about a week and some. In fact while you read this I may be cruising down the highway, or already 500 miles from home. I’m taking my workbasket and hope to post some finished projects, but don’t always have good internet there. So if you don’t hear anything don’t fret, and I’ll have plenty when I return! Happy Spring everyone!!!


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