Several different yarn crafts from the county fair-- My Workbasket
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County Fair Crafts

Every year I swear I’m going to enter items in the county fair. Every year it gets away from me and I don’t. Sadly, this year was no different. I picked up the book several weeks ago, got my items to enter figured out. Item registration was Sunday, Tuesday I said “Well darn! Guess I’m not entering the fair again!”

My son and I do have fun going every year on Kids Day. I eyeball the crafts, pet some sheep, and swear I’ll enter some crafts next year. He pets some sheep, eyeballs pigs, and eats massive amounts of sugar. Mostly, we both load up on free stuff! I saw some pretty neat crafts this year and snapped a few photos for you! All the handicrafts are protected by glass/plexiglass so forgive any little glares.

Amazing Plastic Canvas Picnic set at my county fair-- My Workbasket

This item was a favorite of my son and I! A full picnic lunch, with a basket and all, all done in plastic canvas! Notice the chips all have different shapes and everything! The pickle jar is in fact filled with plastic canvas pickles, which you can see outside the jar as well. Even the charcoal and grill to cook the hamburger! I’m not going to lie, I’m going to try to find this pattern. I’m in love!!

A colorful and fun hooked rug from my county fair-- My Workbasket

This colorful rug caught my eye. I love the wonky shapes and bright colors.

A super colorful throw and several afghans at the county fair-- My Workbasket

Three throws and a cross stitch. I adore the colorful throw! I’m hoping to design a sampler afghan for a  future CAL and this is some good inspiration.

Several different yarn crafts from the county fair-- My Workbasket

Some miscellaneous yarn crafts. Notice the wonderful knit Princess and the Pea? That was one of two two favorite fairy tales growing up. The set includes a total of 13 pieces, including all the mattresses, a doll, and a pea pod! My son loved several of the animals, I think they rekindled his interest in learning to crochet.

There was also an amazing Santa cross stitch ornament, but it was hard to photograph. It was 3-d and very detailed.

One lady gave me the good advice of taking a fair book now, then throughout the year label what projects you complete in the book, check-marking what you’ve done, and put all the finished items in a box. Then next year you have everything together and already know exactly what you have to enter.

I’d love to hear about your fair stories! Have you ever entered any crafts? Any fun memories of fairs? Do you go to the fair? I’ll check comments after I sit and eat my flavored kettle corn!

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