Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Country Time- And NOT the Lemonade

I mentioned recently that I’d be taking a trip, and I’m back. Originally I had intended to crank out some crafts, post a new thing or two, and be productive. Instead I spent some time sitting in a wheelbarrow by a fire, being driven around in a lawnmower trailer, enjoying family, and planning my garden.

My son played at a playground where I went a few times as a kid, even playing on the same old firetruck. He drove the lawnmower, spent time with his cousins and grandparents, and drank way more southern sweet tea than a Maryland boy usually would.

I did get a few new vintage treasures. A 1940s Watkins cookbook, an old copy of Little Men that matches my old copy of Little Women (Thanks Mom!!! She bought it and then it got mysteriously tucked into my bag when I said it matched my Little Women,) and I got this awesome retro cup and pitcher set! Was kismet, because I had JUST been looking at them on ebay before I left, and I got a MUCH better deal than eBay could offer me.

My son, boy I love him, we call him The Master of Disaster. He’s an amazing kid, well behaved, awesome, but he can accidentally destroy anything. He once broke an entire gallon jug of milk. He’s busted a watermelon in the grocery store. Last summer I bought new cups and only 1 out of 6 still exists, so I have been shopping for a nice, sturdy, hopefully Master-Proof, set of cups. I know these are strong, and bonus points, they’re retro.

True story, we had these in the cupboard when I was a kid, though I never remember using them, and they were near a Little Caesars giveaway item that was a corrugated pitcher/cup thing. (Perhaps you remember the corrugated thing I’m talking about?) The look of these, I thought there were corrugated too. I figured we didn’t use them because it would be annoying the clean the liquid out when it gets stuck in the fold lines. I’m going to make some sweet tea and invite a southern friend over to play cards. Christian them before I put them all in the cupboard.

I don’t just collect vintage craft magazines, or make vintage crafts, I love and buy vintage and antique everything. I’ve always been that way. “Born in the wrong era” is a phrase I’ve heard very often. Any craft you see here is likely to be made with a vintage crochet hook, or while I’m sitting with a vintage pillow, or drinking from a vintage mug. Recipes are usually made in old pyrex, or using an old (possibly antique) flour sifter. Sometimes my coffee is from a 1960s/70s coffee percolator. If I have to buy new I usually buy stuff with a vintage theme or a vintage look.

Thanks for reading folks! Don’t forget that I always love to hear from you in the comments, but contact me by email on the contact page. (Though I admit, remembering to check that email is not my strong suit, I’m trying to make a better habit of it.) I’d love to hear if you ever had a set of these cups! It seems everyone has!


2 thoughts on “Country Time- And NOT the Lemonade

    1. So dog food gave away free cups?? That’s kind of cool. (By the way readers- This is my Mom! The lady who taught me quite a bit of what I know, and of course knows what cups were in the cupboard of my childhood home.)

      Why did we never use them???

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