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Condo Knitting??

Hi everyone!! Recently I’ve been chugging away at several projects and working on doing my Make Your Home Challenges, and I’ve been pondering something. Condo Knitting. Recently, I have been hearing this phrase and people claiming “it was hugely popular in the 70s.” Condo Knitting is knitting using two different size needles. Here’s the thing though I have been reading vintage stuff, and especially craft stuff, for most of my life (born in the wrong era remember) with a huge emphasis on the 60s and especially 70s. I’ve read pretty much every 70s thing I could get my hands on for over 20 years. (Make me question a few things about my life, to be honest.) I’ve only heard of something like this referenced one time, and that was by Elizabeth Zimmerman. She referenced using different size needles and it working just fine.  I’ve otherwise never heard of using different size needles, or of a method called Condo Knitting.

I’m very curious, have YOU ever heard of this before?? Have I simply missed it?

5 thoughts on “Condo Knitting??

  1. I have never heard of this. I will have to write my aunt about this. I understand about changing needle size and I have heard of using a different size for the needle you are knitting on to when you go from one size (like for a ribbing) but definitely not the term

  2. I always do it for changing to or from ribbing, but from what I understand this is meant as two at the same time. So you’d be holding say a size 6 in one hand and size 7 in the other. I’ve heard something similar for people who knit extremely tightly but not ongoing for the entire piece.

  3. Yes, in the late 70s and early 80s several patterns were produced for this type of knitting. I did it then, and I had a sweater that was knitted this way, either by myself or my mom. Made an interesting textured effect.

    1. Oh, interesting!! Was it generally one size different, like a 6 and a 7? Or several sizes different like a 6 and a 10? I guess I need to keep looking (not that I ever intended to stop lol) and maybe one day I’ll find a pattern that uses this technique!

    2. Jennifer, I knitted a cardigan — no buttons, just open –of mohair sometime in the 70’s. Knitted two of them for my daughters. They really liked them and now, years later, they are bugging me for another. I d
      Ion’t know what happened to the pattern. At the time, I had a yarn shop in Laredo, Texas. I sold my shop in 82, but I kept ALL my patterns, except of course this one. I am hoping you might know of such a patten and, if so, you would be so kind as to share it or sell it to me. i would appreciate it.

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