Wednesday, July 08, 2020
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Coming Soon!!!

I know, I’ve been here and gone and here and gone and it’s been a while since I was here again. Honestly, I have really struggled with deciding what I wanted this page to be, where I wanted it to go, and what my goals were for it. I would regularly do this and then change and then do that and then change. It drove me batty because I wanted to be here, I wanted to write you and do stuff, and share it, but every time anything else in life got busy this was the easiest thing to drop because I didn’t even really know what it was.

Well, now I know, and I’m not going anywhere! In fact, I have some new stuff coming!

I won’t be posting as a blog hardly ever. The previous blog posts may even disappear at some point. Not from the internet completely, so they’ll be accessible if you have links bookmarked, they just won’t be featured prominently when you go to It’s just too hard to both blog and also actually craft while also living life and doing the other things I do. Something has to give. I chose some time ago to give on the blog aspect.

I will still be occasionally releasing patterns, both paid and free!

The BIG ONE- Sales! I’m going to start selling my finished crafts. I’ll also be selling the finished crafts of other artisans and crafters! This is going to become the main purpose of this website. I’ll be participating in online live sales, as well as eventually in-person craft shows. There will be a shop feature right here on the site. You’ll also get sneak peeks of items for upcoming sales on my Instagram. There will also be LIVE sales and items listed for sale on the My Workbasket Facebook Page! Be sure to follow one or both for the most up to date info and sales!

So that’s my big news! Stay tuned and Stay Crafty!!!

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