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Some of the very early Workbasket magazines have a section called “What Clubs are Doing.” I’ve long wondered if the clubs met specifically for Workbasket crafts, or if it meant clubs in general, or…? Any readers out there happen to know? 

The December 1948 issue has this section. Usually the section has themed games, punch or party food, etc. This issue of course has stuff related to Christmas. One game is to use Western Union cards to spell a note that starts with Seasons Joy. So here’s a try at that:

S- Sending 

E- everyone

A- always

S- seasons 

O- of

N- nice 

S- surprises. 
J- Just

O- open

Y- your heart. 

Here’s two trivia related games to, straight from the pages of the magazine! 

I’d love to hear how you did on the trivia. I got a few of the songs and most of the others. For fun I’d love to see your Seasons Joy message in the comments below! 

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