Christmas Traditions- Are They Worth It?

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  1. Heather C says:

    I love this! One of mine has always, always been Christmas cards. Everything else can be whatever but the cards were my “thing”. It started out with “it must be hand addressed” and so forth, but a couple of years ago when I was resentful doing it, I spent some time wondering why. When we moved last year, it was an opportunity to really cull the list and cut back on folks that I really didn’t have a relationship with any more AND I gave myself permission to print labels and NOT write long personalized messages inside. It was very liberating. I want people to know I am thinking about them during the holidays, but I couldn’t handle the impossible standards I set for myself. The holidays are really tough on Obligers.

    • MyWorkbasket says:

      It’s funny, I LOVE getting cards, but I find sending them just SO overwhelming. I think it doesn’t help that my family is HUGE so figuring out who does and doesn’t get one, plus the budget for all the stamps, and then the sheer fact that I never know the date and they’d always be late. LOL

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