Childhood Homes

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Since posting the February issue I’ve been gone, and I apologize. I went home again. Well, not home, where I live now is home, but I went to my childhood home.

It’s always interesting to return there. I lived there for 15 years, it’s the only home I really know other the house I live in now. A few places I was to young to remember and one apartment my husband and I had for exactly one year. We’ve been in our current house almost 12 or 13 years. But my childhood home and my current home are worlds apart. Not in distance. The drive only takes about 8 hours, but in everything else. My current home is 3 stories, lots of stairs, in the suburbs, and my childhood home is one level, small, and in the country.

The biggest differences though are in the little things. Whenever I visit I find myself reaching far to high on the wall for a light switch, or preparing to climb the stairs to do something. The shower also reminds me of the scene in elf, with Will Ferrell trying to shower in the elf shower at the North Pole, though I’m not entirely sure how my shower is so different.

My son doesn’t even realize he has the best of borth worlds. Riding around the country one day, and then friends up and down the street at home the next. I say every time I go that you shouldn’t be able to cross so many worlds in such a short drive.

Usually while my son enjoys the country life and time with grandparents I do two, well three, things; craft, shop at thrift stores, and relax. Thrift stores there are so much cheaper than at home, and I usually drop $20 or more the first day and half fill my car. So I figured while I was there I’d find some awesome stuff to show you and finish some projects to post.

Well, neither of those things happened! I’ve never bought less on a visit there then I did this time. Three balls of Cebelias crochet thread, which came packaged with a hairpin lace pin was all the crafty stuff I bought! I was hoping for a metal mold that I can bake with, and found several but they all had rust spots. I do home to find a good one, and may even try to track down a boring new one. I was hoping for some cool vintage craft supplies but found none! I got a cool mandoline slicer that I hope works, and a few random Corelle and Pyrex pieces. Nothing amazing that warranted a post.

And I made progress on a project but haven’t finished any!

It also turns out that if anything had been worth telling you about I probably couldn’t have. Wifi issues and no cell phone signal either! Country life.

But rest assured, while nothing on the trip was worth sharing I’m home now and I’ve got tons of stuff coming up! Recipes for one! The project I made progress on will be showing up soon too.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig. Returned from one world and into the other…

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