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CCD Weekend!

I’ve been meaning to write about this for so long! I have a terrible habit that things are either front burner or no burner (aka out of sight out of mind) and while I was waiting to get to this it started to feel like it was so long ago is it even worth it? I feel like half the posts on this website are me apologizing for not being around. There are some general updates since my last main update, the main thing being that I had a job and already quit that job. It just wasn’t the right time for me or my family. I don’t regret it at all, though I do feel like I struggle to get stuff done because my life is back to too chill and with few deadlines. Which doesn’t help things like remembering to write a post.

Anyway, to the main story! Back in October, I went away on a girls’ weekend for the first time in 13 years!!!! Seriously, last time I went away I was young 20s, newly pregnant with my son and had that cute tiny baby bump in a bikini that only young moms can pull off. This time my son is 12 and taller than I am, and I would not go near a bikini (well, I guess I do have some so I would but not like what I used to wear lol)

Across the state, there is a small town that a friend and I passed through once when camping with our boys. We spotted a small museum with a focus on needlework and swore for years we’d go back. They have an annual fiber fest and we said we’d go one day and this year was the day! We booked a cabin and headed over for the weekend. A Crafts, Chips, and Dip Weekend! In fact, in the next town over from the museum a senior type facility was hosting a crafts yardsale so it really was a crafty weekend. The yard sale was actually better than the fiber fest but the whole weekend was just delightful! Hopefully, we’ll make it an annual thing.

So, what I’m sure you want to see, WHAT I BOUGHT!!!!

Here’s a written Break Down (FYI – My total for purchases was only about $100!!)

  • Bag of Needlework Fabrics and Bag of Needlepoint Yarn- $5 for both!!!! Tons of linen, and everything!
  • Handmade toggles from Hard Sun Clay, lovely lady and lovely stuff, and she keeps it really affordable!!!!
  • Some random pattern books- 50 cents
  • Butterfly Looms- First I got three of the large size for just $2, then I paid about $40 for a set of multiple sizes from someone else. So a lot of butterfly looms.
  • Some plastic hexagon looms, a combo of For Love or Money that comes apart and a few sizes of solid that doesn’t come apart $2 for all of it
  • Fancy Yarns- At the yard sale, someone had $5 a skein or 10 for $40. I jumped right on the 10. The photo was in our cabin and the lighting is terrible. These are really fancy yarns though! Stuff you’d usually pay $20-30 a skein for! This will show you how bad the light is- those 3 skeins that look similar on the top of the picture of just fancy yarn are the same ones as the one with the toggle! So a lot of these photos are not true to color at all! One of them was a beautiful royal blue, and I dropped it in my friend’s bag after photographing as a surprise.
  • Dazzleaire Yarns- Lots of skeins, 18 I think- about $2-3 gonna use it with another gadget I’ll talk about someday.
  • Misc Needlework Stuff- got a zip bag with a snap frame for needlework, a set of needle tatting needles, a pattern, mill hill beads, and some other stuff for about $1.
  • Got another K-Tel Knitter set for $1. This was funny- Here I was, youngest person in the circle, telling people what these were. I was like ” Apparently K-tel was a big as seen on tv thing” and everyone was like “oh yes!!!” but I wasn’t actually even born yet, which just gives me a chuckle. I love my one needle knitters though. Just a fun gadget to help mix it up when you don’t feel like knitting or crocheting but want to touch some yarn.
  • Possible more- I can’t entirely remember.

Two things I still kick myself about- I think the table where I got a lot of the needlework stuff would have sold me everything at the table for like $20 if I had thought to offer. I would be stocked for life. There also was a “yarn wall” as we called it at the yard sale. Just shelves full of yarns all for $1 a skein. I didn’t really look there because a quick glimpse I only saw basic acrylic stuff, but turns out my friend did look and got some great stuff!! So I wish I had taken some time there. Really I just ran out a time a bit, by the time I got the needlework stuff and browsed around the sale was finishing up and my friends (we met another friend there) were pretty much ready to go. Plus my arms were really full (everything except the toggles was from the yard sale so I was toting some loads lol)

So there you have it, I’m finally telling you my craft weekend! Mostly we shopped crafty stuff, ate, and sat around chatting. Lots and lots of chatting. Soon I’ll tell you about my knitting machine (!!) and some other cool recent stuff! I also plan to go back to doing vintage magazines again! Probably starting in January. As a wise woman once said, “Ain’t Nobody got time for that!” which is how I feel about starting anything new in December!

I’d love to hear in the comments- do you like it when I share recipes?? I have some fun and handy vintage ones but never know if they will be well received. Especially if/when I start the magazines again I’d love to know if that is something you like to see!

One thought on “CCD Weekend!

  1. I’m sorry I’m so late replying – somehow I got unsubscribed and I didn’t think anything had been posted!
    I can’t knit or crochet very well, but I am drooling over your purchases. Yes, I am a fiber fondler.
    Yes, do share recipes. I love old cookbooks, including the little booklets that companies like Knox Gelatine and Jello and Junket and such used to put out.
    Regarding knitting machines – at a yard sale I bought one, including a VHS tape showing how it works, several years ago. I haven’t watched the video or tried the machine. I really should. A while back I bought a bunch of inexpensive Knitting Jennies (Strickliesl in German; French knitters, whatever you call them) and some pretty yarn, and bagged each knitter with yarn and checked them out to students. And an art teacher I know would have the children make their own with toilet paper tubes and popsicle sticks. None of this is apropos of anything, but your mention of a K-tel knitter made me think of them.

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