The four ingredients needed to make your own laundry soap. -- My Workbasket

I’ve been making our laundry soap for years. YEARRRSSSSS. I remember once my son saw laundry soap at the store and didn’t know what it was, and it blew his mind that people buy it. He’s been helping make it pretty much his entire life. I finally needed a new batch and wanted to show you how to make laundry soap! Things to Know: About $20 can make a lot of soap Ask at your local bakery (even the one in your grocery store) for a five-gallon bucket. The use them for frosting, and usually empties are free. Make sure it has a lid! IfRead More →

A great recipe from a 1931 magazine for Gingerbread Muffins

My magazine collection is growing, a lot really I may be addicted, and recently I ordered a stack of issues from 1931. One the back of one cover was a Pillsbury ad about how their balanced flour makes large batches easy and talks about making 250 muffins. I was a little afraid of quantity when I saw the included recipe, but the amounts looked reasonable so I went for it. I didn’t use Pillsbury flour, I used a gluten free 1/1 blend. The recipe made exactly 12 reasonable sized muffins. Mine did not take 27 minutes, I believe they took closer to 20. So I’dRead More →

If you’ve been a reader for awhile you may be waiting to hear about February’s issue, but there isn’t one. I’ve decided to make a change starting this month. No More Monthly Issues! I will no longer be picking a single issue every month to work through. That was the idea what I started the blog, but truth be told those posts get very little attention. In fact, the least read posts on the whole website at the monthly issue reveals. They were also taking up the most of my time. Truth be told, it was also making vintage magazines a bit less fun for me.Read More →

A Listerine Ad from the 1930s-- My Workbasket

Recently I got a new stack of old magazines from the 1930s, and one of the first things that jumped out at me was the full page Listerine Ads. Let me share some of them with you. The course of the year of these issues starts out quite mild, Listerine kills germs, and we all have germs! Then it progresses to things like killing colds, and (I did not know this) helps have shiny hair! One ad I did not photograph says that you should gargle Listerine after shopping to prevent getting sick. ALL Of these ads say that you should gargle Listerine every twoRead More →

How to make a large container of yummy hot cocoa mix for less than $6 and using 15 minutes or less of your time! Only three ingredients needed! Easy DIY from My Workbasket

Do you like hot cocoa? I do. While some people only drink cocoa, or tea, or coffee, or hot cider, I drink them all! I love to get cozy with a hot cup of something. So does my son. My son also loves snow days. He will often be out ALL day on any snow day.  I’m sure you can imagine we use a lot of cocoa. So for a few years now, I’ve been making my own hot cocoa mix. It’s handy to have, cheap to make, and tastes great! It’s a blend of various recipes I’ve found in old books and magazines overRead More → is having a giveaway! You can enter every day from today (January 16th, 2018) until January 25th. 50 people will win a grab bag, and you can choose from three styles to make sure it suits your style! Goodluck! I am an affiliate for and if you make a purchase while there I will earn a small commission at no cost to you.Read More →

The Make Your Home Challenge is a fun, year-long challenge to help you get organized! Our January Challenge is to create a file box to organize our year, and includes a complete how-to video!

It’s time for our January Make Your Home Challenge! Our main challenge for January is to set up a file folder system to help us manage our year! I explain it all in this video: Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel to get all the challenges! I’ll be posting quick mini challenges there that I may not post here at the site, or may post here later than on Youtube. I’m really happy to be leading this challenge for you and hope you follow along and enjoy participating! I have a variety of challenges figured out. I really encourage you to only doRead More →

1977 Issue of the Workbasket magazine, a vintage craft and homemaking magazine.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I cannot even believe it is 2018. My son is old enough now to realize how quickly time goes and is often commenting on it. 2017 was a good year all in all, but every year has its ups and downs. I was super sick last year for New Years, some weird virus, but other than that 2017 was one of the healthiest years of my life. How was your 2017? Are you excited for 2018? Any big events this year for you? Total truth here: I was so gearing up for 2018 that I almost forgot to actually getRead More →

When I talked about the hot mat recently I felt certain I had a photo my Mom sent of hers, but couldn’t find it anywhere! Well, I found it today! I updated to original post to show it, so if you’re interested head over and check it out.  It’s quite neat to see it right near mine and the original. Find it Here!Read More →

The Advent Calendar that wasn't, and how I was suckered by my 10 year old.

Several weeks ago I got the idea of making an advent calendar. I wanted to make mini mittens and hang them on a line. I decided not to crochet them though because I wanted my son to help, so I opted to use felt. Cut to shape, sew, hang. I was going to share the pattern and directions here with you. I bought a stack of felt. I mentally prepped my idea. I asked my son about 20 times if he was ready to make it. I ordered a case of 20 Hot Wheels cars to put in it. (I was going to grab moreRead More →

An overview of a Pack-o-Fun Magazine from December 1968 -- My Workbasket

I’ve mentioned my Pack-o-Fun stash here before. In fact, since I won an eBay auction in August for a decent stack I since got a great deal a thrift store for another stack just a few weeks ago. My collection is quickly growing! Even more exciting is two random stacks and not a single duplicate! Just for fun, I wanted to share a few highlights from this December  1968 issue. I’m hoping to even make a few of these crafts this month! I have to say, that nativity, that’s a lot of matches. The mobile is quite simple and cute. You could probably make oneRead More →