Old Ads

A selection of old ads from magazines. The funny, the flawed, the downright odd.

A hot pad made from the vintage Palm Loom tool
Craft Chatter Craft Projects Old Ads

The Palm Loom – Prize-Winning Rugs

I love an old ad. And this 1967 issue had a great one! Palm Loom, “Make Prize-Winning Rugs.” It was right there in the February issue, tucked between 40 yards of lace for $1, and a “Female-Dri” belt. So, I tracked down the Palm Loom on ebay, and after some browsing, watching, rebrowsing, rewatching, and […]

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Craft Projects Old Ads

Snack Hound

When I saw the ad on the back of the January 1967 issue I became infatuated with the Snack Hound. The National Handcraft Society,  aka The Fad of the Month Club, was a long running craft club that has lots of advertisements in the Workbasket over the years. What I found interesting is that there […]

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