Sunday, January 17, 2021
Chatter Homemaking

It’s Okay to be Type-B! Perfection isn’t real and messy is okay

If you read my post yesterday maybe it resonated with you, but maybe not because you need to relax, maybe you’re like me and are probably TOO relaxed. Maybe you were saying “Alicia, I’m TOO Relaxed- Just Like You!” Well, that is the other part of what I try to do here! Photo by chaithanya krishnan on Unsplash […]

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Old Ads Recipes

1931 Gingerbread Muffins– Yummy muffins from a old recipe

My magazine collection is growing, a lot really I may be addicted, and recently I ordered a stack of issues from 1931. One the back of one cover was a Pillsbury ad about how their balanced flour makes large batches easy and talks about making 250 muffins. I was a little afraid of quantity when […]

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