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Great summer reads for boys, books suggestions right off of an 11 year old's summer reading stack! 1

Great Summer Books for Boys

Hey! Are you enjoying your summer so far!?!?! I feel like ours has been a whirlwind, and is rushing away from us. I’m already starting to buy school supplies and pick the curriculum for...

Photo recipe for 8 perfect summer popsicles, including these watermelon beauties! 0

Perfect Summer Popsicles

  Recently I got this YUMMY looking infographic for perfect summer popsicles from I’ll be honest, whether I make popsicles or buy them depends very much on the day. I do both and...

Picnics are the ultimate in family fun! Relax and enjoy one! 0

Six Ways to Have Family Fun

I want to start encouraging my readers to relax, enjoy themselves, and stress a little less. Try some hobbies you’ve always wanted. Experiment. Be free. So to do that I’m going to start a...

The four ingredients needed to make your own laundry soap. -- My Workbasket 0

How To Make Laundry Soap

I’ve been making our laundry soap for years. YEARRRSSSSS. I remember once my son saw laundry soap at the store and didn’t know what it was, and it blew his mind that people buy...

Make Your Home- a series of crafty, creative, and organizational challenges to help you live the life you want in the home you want! 0

MYH: Quick Holiday Challenge

  A quick challenge for those doing the Make Your Home Challenge! I’ll be doing this this weekend. If you haven’t started, here is the first video with our main January Challenge!