When I first saw this pattern in the 1967 February magazine I thought it was broomstick lace, which I’ve always loved but can’t remember ever trying. Spoiler alert- It’s NOT broomstick lace! It’s actually a very easy knit lace pattern that mimics broomstick. It’s called the Estonian Shell stitch, and it’s actually very beginner friendly! The only actual stitch needed is the knit stitch, the rest of it is just moving yarn around. So when I started the pattern I ran into some difficulties. The top one being that it used a thick rug yarn, and not realizing that I had already bought some worstedRead More →

I started the Foot Warmers pattern last week as we waited for a snow storm to blow in. Both the snow storm and slipper pattern were a bit of a flop. It did snow, some, and the the pattern does make slippers, but neither were quite what was expected. When I started the slippers I immediately noticed the math wasn’t quite right. There is a small error in the pattern. I gave it a very real thought that I was having a brain fart and sent the numbers over to my mom with a message of “crochet this real quick and tell me if itRead More →