FREE Geometric Flowers Cross Stitch pattern

I designed this free cross stitch pattern some time ago with the intention of having it in the first magazine issue. Ever since I admitted to myself I didn’t have time for the magazine I’ve really been just reformulating, making things for the sheer joy of it, deciding where to go from here and where this site fits in my life, and this project kind of sat in limbo. No more! It’s ready! I actually did the cross stitch samples way back in like February, but this this welcome sign sat waiting until a about a week ago for me to paint the frame andRead More →

A free crochet pattern for super simple cat ball toys!

This pattern is almost to easy to bother writing, but I want to share it anyway. If you are a more experienced crocheter you can no doubt make these without a pattern, but you may still be interested in my stuffing. Our Kismet is still quite playful and I often will whip up a quick toy because he’s a bit of a biter when he’s playful. These super simple crochet cat balls fill that need, and the addition of catnip just really throws him over the edge! You can easily crochet one in just a few minutes! The Pattern This pattern really just takes theRead More →

Free crochet pattern for this puff stitch cowl, WITH stitch tutorial video-- From My Workbasket

I love single skein projects. I do. If a publisher approached me and said: “Alicia, we want you to design a book!” I’d say “Can it be single skein projects?!?!?!” (Hint hint to any publishers out there.) Well, of course, that’s if they specified YARN specific book, otherwise, I’d do a book with a bit of this and bit of that. I LOVE one skein projects though because you can spontaneously buy a skein of yarn as a total impulse purchase (or you know, on purpose with a plan, if that is your thing) and then you can sit down and work a bit, and WAHLAH!Read More →

Free pattern for the crochet Katherine Shawl, a shawl/scarf that uses a single cake of light weight yarn! From My Workbasket

A while ago I released the Ann Shawl, a crochet shawl that was named after the aunt who tried to teach me to crochet, and here we have the Kathryn Shawl, named after my Mom who DID successfully teach me to crochet. Here’s the thing, they are exactly the same crochet shawl. The only difference is yarn and hook size used, and I have two more finishing ideas for you!Read More →

A fun, make up as you go hat formula for using a single cupcake yarn. Free from My Workbasket

I’ve mentioned that I’m a troll cook, but I also tend to be a troll crafter. The Troll Attitude tends to be “it is what it is.” A recipe makes the amount it is meant to make.  A cut shape comes out the measurement it comes out, and in this case, a hat comes out as pointy as it need be. The Backstory: At the end of December I was planning to do a yarn fast for 2018. I was hoping to buy some blanket quantity yarns and also stock up on a few basics and then work my stash for the rest of 2018. IRead More →

A classic granny style triangle shawl/scarf in an easy stitch, with two sizes and two edging options-- My Workbasket

I have always adored granny squares. I’d buy granny items from thrift stores even at a very young age. At around 13 years old I became really determined to make my own. The only person I knew well that crocheted at the time (and was local enough to teach me) was my Aunt Ann. Only one problem, she was left-handed, and I am not. I remember sitting face to face instead of side by side and trying to figure it out. It wasn’t working. She was very determined that you start your slip knot with your crochet hook, and to this day I make mineRead More →

Versatile button cowl with a variety of ways to wear it! Free knitting Pattern from My Workbasket

I worked up this versatile cowl pattern and knew immediately I’d be sharing it with you in October. It came out even better than I planned and I am so excited to give you the pattern for free! Today instead of a Weekly WorkBasket Post I’m going to share this pattern with you! If you want to hear about my projects from last week, check out my Yarntube Video.  I had a busy weekend and my shoulder is flared up, so there isn’t much more to add since the video was done Friday. Every time I pick it up this cowl I find a differentRead More →

Free crochet pattern for the Zen Mug Cozy! My Workbasket

October! While I write this it is freshly October. It feels like October, it smells like October, there are pumpkins everywhere (and Christmas Decorations at the stores! BUT let’s not get me started on that.) By the time is post is live and you are reading it I bet it will be 80 degrees again, BUT let’s focus on FALL and the fact that it is here! Fall and Winter are a time to get cozy, to drink hot beverages and to relax. People can’t hibernate the way bears do but I personally get pretty close. To help enjoy this time in I designed thisRead More →

Free Pattern for the Tunisian Crochet Hyyge Hat, a cozy hat that works up quick. With instructions for making it in the round or flat and seamed, AND has a stitch tutorial video. -- My Workbasket

A few weeks ago I had the idea for a thick and quick to make cozy winter hat. Something that was easy and fairly mindless and you could just create a stack for by the front door. “Oh! It got so cold outside! Take a hat!” Or that could be made for the homeless with a stack in your car for giving away. Because Hygge is cozy I decided to name it the Hygge Hat. I got right to work on a quick Tunisian Crochet design. My first one was this gray and teal number. I admit it wasn’t quite the cozy factor I wasRead More →

Three different colors of the 1967 Beanie. A free hat knitting pattern! -- My Workbasket

The 1967 Knit Beret did NOT work up like the picture showed but the finished result is beautiful and the pattern is here for free.  Since I wanted a ribbed hat I did the obvious thing and designed my own! This pattern is a little harder than the beret but still uses only basic stitches. Both hats knit up flat and are seamed shut. I do believe this hat can be blocked to be a beret as well, but since I’ll wear a beanie and not a beret I didn’t test that theory strongly. I know a plate does fit inside for the classic way toRead More →

The August issue didn’t feature to awful many projects, but I needed a knitting project because I didn’t like the one I tried in the July issue. It was awkward stitching, and I felt the finished style was to loose, it didn’t look like the bobbles it claimed to be. So I started the basic scarf from August. It’s a super simple stitch that almost any knitter has done before . I loved it though! I don’t remember any projects with this stitch, though I’m sure they existed. It was just repetitive enough to not get boring and just simple enough to remember and doRead More →

Before we left for vacation I talked about the kitten we were going to get when we got back, but other things were in store for us. If you want to hear the whole story (it’s amazing, truly) keep reading. If you only want the crochet pattern scroll down. Kismet the Cat: Years ago, 15 to 16 at least, while still living at home, before getting married, there was a cat in the yard. A tiny kitten. We kept him, named him Stampy, and he lasted and lived. He was our first baby. Last year he died, as did his brother that we got forRead More →

(Free Pattern Below!) The crochet motif in the June issue was interesting to me. The original photo didn’t show the entire piece as being crochet. It looked almost like they were sewn together in some special way, but I knew that was unlikely. I also really loved the idea of a very light, lacy scarf done with the motif, something very wispy. So I browsed my yarn stash and thought a nice silk thin gray would be nice. It would be more substantial then something very lacy, like the mohair I originally imagined, but I thought the end result would be very nice. If youRead More →

Free easy to make pattern for crochet water balloons, aka water bombs! Easy to make and has a stitch tutorial! From My Workbasket

Kids love water balloons, but I HATE them. First you spend money on them, then you spend ages filling them (or having them fill them) and you pay the water bill for it, then the kids have all of 5 minutes of fun, and then you spend hours finding colorful balloon fragments all over the yard. It’s awful. Recently I saw “reusable water balloons” and thought it was an AMAZING idea. I’ve done quite a few similar things in the past, but nothing seems to last very long. The reusable balloons use the fuzzy blanket yarn, hold a TON of water, and the kids loveRead More →