Step by step video tutorial for this fun Tunisian crochet stitch. -- My Workbasket

You guys, this is our last block!!! This last video is super late and I apologize. I mentioned that I was going away, and I think I even mentioned that I was having trouble while I was away getting it uploaded and shared with you. That continued to be a problem, and my trip out of town was also extended. While I was visiting we first decided to stay just one extra day for fun. Then my Mom’s car was put in the shop and I decided to stay to help out. Then it takes a full day of travel (8 hours at least) to getRead More →

With step by step video tutorial for this great stitch! My Workbasket

It’s that time again! The next tutorial video! It’s the Tunisian Crochet Honeycomb stitch. I had some issues with uploading so I wasn’t able to share this before I went out of town, so I’m sorry it’s late. Next week’s video will also be late because something is wrong with it. No idea what but I can’t seem to share it or upload it. I may have to even rerecord the whole thing after I get back home. This stitch is beautifully textured and surprisingly easy. The rest of the CAL can be found here.  I can’t believe that our CAL is coming to an end!Read More →

A full step by step video tutorial from My Workbasket

I can’t believe our blankets are almost done! Though I admit I am VERY behind on my squares. I’m actually gearing up for yet another trip to the country and hope to catch up blocks while I am there. The next few block videos may not be released with the Tuesday Schedule I’ve been using. I’m going to try to get them recorded before I leave and then post them as possible while I’m gone. I’m going away for some variety of Monday-following week Tuesday, or Tuesday to Tuesday or Tuesday to Wednesday, or…. It’s still fairly undecided, BUT I know my travel schedule will effectRead More →

I feel so bad about dropping the ball on the video last week I was determined to NOT let it happen again. This video is a little different but I think it’s the best yet, and I still show you the step by step method. This week its block F, the Tunisian Rib Stitch. This is the Nicole Studio Classic in Soft Purple. The video is very accurate for the color. For some reason, I can never manage to get this yarn brand and style to photograph with an accurate color. Even in a lightbox and such it just doesn’t look accurate. My Blanket isRead More →

Step by Step by Step Video Tutorial for the Tunisian Purl Stitch-- My Workbasket

Good Morning! If you’re following along in the CAL it is now time for Block E- the Tunisian Purl stitch! As always I did a video to teach you the stitch. I had some issues with my camera, an update means that it zooms in and centers AFTER you hit record, and it seems to make me go to the edge of the shot a lot. No idea what is going on there. Hopefully, you still can see plenty and understand how to do the stitch! If not please do let me know! The camera also drops at one point, sorry about that. Here’s aRead More →

My stack of blocks for the Tunisian Crochet Throw-- My Workbasket

You guys, we are pretty much at the halfway point on our throws!! I’d love to know how yours is looking and even see pictures! We are at CAL Week 5! This week I’m not going to introduce a new stitch. Instead, I encourage you to catch up if you are behind, make extra squares if you want a larger throw, or remake any squares that may have issues. I’ll be taking this week to make sure that my squares are all pretty much the same size. If any of yours are drastically larger or smaller than the others I would take this week toRead More →

How to make the Tunisian Crochet Bias Stitch, with step by step video tutorial-- My Workbasket

Are you following along in the CAL? Because it is time for Block D! I have to give props to the pattern designers because they stitches do a great job of building on each other.  The new stitch is the Tunisian Bias Stitch and this new stitch utilizes the same techniques as the Simple Stitch and the Crossed Stitch. Here is the detailed video:   Here is what my finished squares are looking like. This colorway is Light Teal in Studio Classic yarn from Ac Moore. Some Show Notes: If you haven’t joined the Crochet Along it isn’t too late! You can get started here!Read More →

Want to Learn Tunisian Crochet? Free video tutorial for the lovely Tunisian Knit Stitch -- My Workbasket

So far this is my favorite Tunisian stitch of all! I’m hoping to design a hat that utilizes this thick and cozy stitch. This is the third block in our CAL! Are you following along? How are your squares coming? Here is the new stitch for Block C! The Tunisian Knit Stitch! Here is the new stitch! We got a new tripod which allows a much closer view of the how-to, but at first we had some problems with it slipping slowly. I fall off the screen a bit, but I tried to make sure you still get plenty of instruction. If it is aRead More →

Video tutorial of how to use Tunisian Crochet and make this Tunisian Crossed Stitch-- My Workbasket

Block B in the Tunisian Crochet Along is done in the Tunisian Crossed Stitch. It’s slightly more tricky then the Simple Stitch we did last week, BUT it is still easy to do. If you haven’t joined the CAL it isn’t to late! The total cost, including a basic hook, can be around $30 depending on what yarn you pick and the blocks work up quite fast! So don’t let time or cost stop you. If you can afford it, I do love the Denise Crochet set! (You can see them on the link in my right sidebar.) You can buy a basic metal afghanRead More →

Square A for the Tunisian Throw Crochet Along-- My Workbasket

I promised I wouldn’t leave you hanging on the CAL! I made this video to introduce how to make block A for the Crochet Along, using the Tunisian Simple Stitch. Next Tuesday there will be a new video for the stitch used in Block B, the Tunisian Crossed Stitch. This entire project is very beginner friendly and the blocks work up pretty quickly. We’re only just starting but it’s never to late to join! This is what Block A will look like. I randomly grabbed one of my colors and ended up with the Bright Blue colorway of my yarn. As you can see TunisianRead More →

The colors I'll be using on my throw for the crochet along. -- My Workbasket

Anyone interested in a crochet along? I found this blanket pattern recently while searching for more tunisian projects and fell in love with it. I kept trying to push it out of my head but just couldn’t, then a yarn that featured colors I liked went on sale, and now here we are! I like that you learn several new stitch patterns as you go, and get to expand your skills and knowledge while completing a wonderful project!Read More →