A video tutorial about how to change yarn in both tunisian and regular crochet. -- My Workbasket

A friend of mine has been saying she didn’t know how to change yarn colors, and I thought she meant for a certain project. Turns out that she meant at all. “I’m THAT much of a beginner!” SO I made a video for her and anyone else who needs it. I’m sure that there are better ways, this is by no means the be all end all, but this is one of the ways I change colors in my work. I start showing you how to change colors exactly in the same way as for my Hygge Hat when worked flat, then I decided toRead More →

Square A for the Tunisian Throw Crochet Along-- My Workbasket

I promised I wouldn’t leave you hanging on the CAL! I made this video to introduce how to make block A for the Crochet Along, using the Tunisian Simple Stitch. Next Tuesday there will be a new video for the stitch used in Block B, the Tunisian Crossed Stitch. This entire project is very beginner friendly and the blocks work up pretty quickly. We’re only just starting but it’s never to late to join! This is what Block A will look like. I randomly grabbed one of my colors and ended up with the Bright Blue colorway of my yarn. As you can see TunisianRead More →

One thing I hear lots of people say about homemade slippers is that they are too slippy. I personally love to slide around on my laminate floors, but if you have little kids or prefer to act like a grown up, maybe you’d like to make slippers nonslip.  I’ve heard people using chaulk and a big chaulking gun, and I imagine it works great, but how gloppy it must be!! The way I know is easy, cheap, and even super cute!  I finished another slipper from this November 1962 issue, it isn’t a pair yet, but it’ll do to teach you this trick.  For someRead More →