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A little crafty fun for you today! A video of what I’ve been working on with some of my in-progress projects. Today is my one-year blogiversary! I didn’t plan anything special, but now you know. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible. Some quick show notes- My cable needle clamors around while I talk about my knit wrap, sorry about that. I think I held up my Euphoria Cardi backward. There is a design in the center, but it is in darker yarn and doesn’t show well anyway. I don’t know if I held it backward, or if the design just looks bumpy onRead More →

Free crochet pattern for the Zen Mug Cozy! My Workbasket

October! While I write this it is freshly October. It feels like October, it smells like October, there are pumpkins everywhere (and Christmas Decorations at the stores! BUT let’s not get me started on that.) By the time is post is live and you are reading it I bet it will be 80 degrees again, BUT let’s focus on FALL and the fact that it is here! Fall and Winter are a time to get cozy, to drink hot beverages and to relax. People can’t hibernate the way bears do but I personally get pretty close. To help enjoy this time in I designed thisRead More →

Free Pattern for the Tunisian Crochet Hyyge Hat, a cozy hat that works up quick. With instructions for making it in the round or flat and seamed, AND has a stitch tutorial video. -- My Workbasket

A few weeks ago I had the idea for a thick and quick to make cozy winter hat. Something that was easy and fairly mindless and you could just create a stack for by the front door. “Oh! It got so cold outside! Take a hat!” Or that could be made for the homeless with a stack in your car for giving away. Because Hygge is cozy I decided to name it the Hygge Hat. I got right to work on a quick Tunisian Crochet design. My first one was this gray and teal number. I admit it wasn’t quite the cozy factor I wasRead More →

My stack of blocks for the Tunisian Crochet Throw-- My Workbasket

You guys, we are pretty much at the halfway point on our throws!! I’d love to know how yours is looking and even see pictures! We are at CAL Week 5! This week I’m not going to introduce a new stitch. Instead, I encourage you to catch up if you are behind, make extra squares if you want a larger throw, or remake any squares that may have issues. I’ll be taking this week to make sure that my squares are all pretty much the same size. If any of yours are drastically larger or smaller than the others I would take this week toRead More →

How to make the Tunisian Crochet Bias Stitch, with step by step video tutorial-- My Workbasket

Are you following along in the CAL? Because it is time for Block D! I have to give props to the pattern designers because they stitches do a great job of building on each other.  The new stitch is the Tunisian Bias Stitch and this new stitch utilizes the same techniques as the Simple Stitch and the Crossed Stitch. Here is the detailed video:   Here is what my finished squares are looking like. This colorway is Light Teal in Studio Classic yarn from Ac Moore. Some Show Notes: If you haven’t joined the Crochet Along it isn’t too late! You can get started here!Read More →

Three different colors of the 1967 Beanie. A free hat knitting pattern! -- My Workbasket

The 1967 Knit Beret did NOT work up like the picture showed but the finished result is beautiful and the pattern is here for free.  Since I wanted a ribbed hat I did the obvious thing and designed my own! This pattern is a little harder than the beret but still uses only basic stitches. Both hats knit up flat and are seamed shut. I do believe this hat can be blocked to be a beret as well, but since I’ll wear a beanie and not a beret I didn’t test that theory strongly. I know a plate does fit inside for the classic way toRead More →

Want to Learn Tunisian Crochet? Free video tutorial for the lovely Tunisian Knit Stitch -- My Workbasket

So far this is my favorite Tunisian stitch of all! I’m hoping to design a hat that utilizes this thick and cozy stitch. This is the third block in our CAL! Are you following along? How are your squares coming? Here is the new stitch for Block C! The Tunisian Knit Stitch! Here is the new stitch! We got a new tripod which allows a much closer view of the how-to, but at first we had some problems with it slipping slowly. I fall off the screen a bit, but I tried to make sure you still get plenty of instruction. If it is aRead More →

Video tutorial of how to use Tunisian Crochet and make this Tunisian Crossed Stitch-- My Workbasket

Block B in the Tunisian Crochet Along is done in the Tunisian Crossed Stitch. It’s slightly more tricky then the Simple Stitch we did last week, BUT it is still easy to do. If you haven’t joined the CAL it isn’t to late! The total cost, including a basic hook, can be around $30 depending on what yarn you pick and the blocks work up quite fast! So don’t let time or cost stop you. If you can afford it, I do love the Denise Crochet set! (You can see them on the link in my right sidebar.) You can buy a basic metal afghanRead More →

The colors I'll be using on my throw for the crochet along. -- My Workbasket

Anyone interested in a crochet along? I found this blanket pattern recently while searching for more tunisian projects and fell in love with it. I kept trying to push it out of my head but just couldn’t, then a yarn that featured colors I liked went on sale, and now here we are! I like that you learn several new stitch patterns as you go, and get to expand your skills and knowledge while completing a wonderful project!Read More →

How to carve your own reusable stamps from erasers! Full photo tutorial-- My Workbasket

Most of you don’t know that this is not my first blog. I’ve actually be blogging in some form for almost 20 years! (My first one was before the word “blogging” existed and I was using html to format stuff.) There is a lot of pages that I have lost or abandoned over the years. Several years ago I made an attempt at blogging that I was very proud off, but thought for various reasons (it’s complicated) that I know longer had access to it, and that it was another long lost project. I just found out it isn’t! I was so excited to seeRead More →

The August issue didn’t feature to awful many projects, but I needed a knitting project because I didn’t like the one I tried in the July issue. It was awkward stitching, and I felt the finished style was to loose, it didn’t look like the bobbles it claimed to be. So I started the basic scarf from August. It’s a super simple stitch that almost any knitter has done before . I loved it though! I don’t remember any projects with this stitch, though I’m sure they existed. It was just repetitive enough to not get boring and just simple enough to remember and doRead More →

  The July 1983 issue of The Workbasket has tons of Christmas and winter goods. One of them is this crocheted tassel hat. In the same issue is a similar knit hat (but I didn’t make that one, yet!) This hat is constructed flat and then stitched up. The rows create the stripes so your sideways rows go top to bottom when completed. Very neat. One side features a series of decreases and stitch changes to create the smaller top. You create the ridges by working in the back loop only.Read More →

Recently on a crochet group I’m in a designer asked for pattern testers and since I am a bit ahead on blog projects and had a light project load at the moment I volunteered. I had no idea what the project would be until she sent me the pattern, but I knew it was crochet, supposed to be quick, and used the colorful cake yarns so popular right now.  I was super surprised to get this adorable pattern for a Betta Fish Lovey!                Read More →