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October 1st? WOW! I have had a super productive week! How was your week last week? I really would love to know. Chime in in the comments and tell me about your week and what you’ve been working on! I have had a super productive week! How was your week last week? I really would love to know. Chime in in the comments and tell me about your week and what you’ve been working on! Last weekend I found an ad on Facebook for a lot of weaving yarn at a great price! (Seriously mind-blowing price! Only $15!!) And we picked it up on Tuesday.Read More →

Favorite crafts and patterns from around the web! My Workbasket

Occasionally I’d like to share with you some cute patterns and things I’ve found around the web. Despite the title, it probably won’t really be weekly. I just see SO many amazing patterns and crafts out there while I work on the site that I want to share them with you sometimes. This week I’ll be showing you a few cute items I found over on Annie’s Website! I spent a lot of time there this week just browsing around and checking out their stuff. Annie’s is one of those names that I always think of when thinking about heritage crafting (what I call craftsRead More →

Fun videos with a dose of yarny goodness! -- My Workbasket

I recorded a fun little video today to just show you some of what I’ve been working on lately in my hoard of projects. I also show off an amazing bag of yarn I bought yesterday! Behold! Yarntube #1 and I hope there will be many more. The Monkey is from this Book The CAL is Here Be sure to Follow Me On Ravelry! I do try to update regularly so you can see my projects in progress before I even write about them. My Crafty Facebook Group can be Found Here.Read More →

Just some of the things I'm working on this week. Three painting samples, some painted rocks, and more!

How was your week last week? Amazing I hope! Mine was okay. I did some good stuff, was fairly productive, had some fun. Here’s a visual example of my week : If you haven’t seen yet I released not one but TWO free hat patterns last week. The 1967 Beret, and the 1967 Ribbed Beanie! It always takes a certain amount of work to release a new pattern but I got that all done and both patterns are on Ravelry if you want to save them for later. A friend has been asking me for probably a year or more to teach some painting classes onRead More →

Several different yarn crafts from the county fair-- My Workbasket

Every year I swear I’m going to enter items in the county fair. Every year it gets away from me and I don’t. Sadly, this year was no different. I picked up the book several weeks ago, got my items to enter figured out. Item registration was Sunday, Tuesday I said “Well darn! Guess I’m not entering the fair again!” My son and I do have fun going every year on Kids Day. I eyeball the crafts, pet some sheep, and swear I’ll enter some crafts next year. He pets some sheep, eyeballs pigs, and eats massive amounts of sugar. Mostly, we both load upRead More →

The colors I'll be using on my throw for the crochet along. -- My Workbasket

Anyone interested in a crochet along? I found this blanket pattern recently while searching for more tunisian projects and fell in love with it. I kept trying to push it out of my head but just couldn’t, then a yarn that featured colors I liked went on sale, and now here we are! I like that you learn several new stitch patterns as you go, and get to expand your skills and knowledge while completing a wonderful project!Read More →

Showing off 5 lbs of sewing goodies and vintage crafty items!

I said that I wanted to show you my recent ebay purchase with all the sewing goodies. I kept putting it off because it would take SO many photos to show you everything, so instead I decided to make a video! I’d love to hear your thoughts (I know the video could be better) and what your favorite item from the box is! Sorry I talk a bit fast, I knew there was a LOT to show and didn’t want the video to be an hour long. It’s not truly a “box opening” because I have opened it already, but all the goodies are there,Read More →

Some pages from my sketchbook for the week. Trying to be creative every day! -- My Workbasket

It’s that time again! Let’s talk about life! Parenting- I don’t usually say to much about parenting, because honestly this blog is to give me something else to think about, talk about, and focus on, BUT this week. I swear my child has not shut up for at least 7 days straight. I locked myself in the bathroom and he just stood on the other side of the door talking to me the entire time I was in there. He has some various special needs that cause this sort of thing. Just, oh man, there is not enough coffee for this. It’s affected my productivityRead More →

Some items that I talk about in my Weekly Workbasket this week at My Workbasket

  I can’t believe it is almost August! I’ve turned 34, my sweet niece is about to turn 10, and school supplies are in the stores. Craziness! I also have so many projects that I never got to talk about in July! So many! Most of them were for Christmas in July, so now I’ll probably save them for actual Christmas and talk about them then. Let’s talk about my Weekly Workbasket though. Read More →

Here’s a few things you may not know about me- I am super cheapskate most of the time. It drives my husband crazy. Most of the crafts I know are self taught, or learned from a video or two. I did have a teacher for knitting and crochet, the basic stitches anyway, the rest I picked up. I don’t really like taking classes. I get bored, I don’t always learn much, I hate being shown things I already know and want to get to the good stuff.Read More →

I have had the wildest week ya’ll! Oh boy, what a week. This Weekly Workbasket will be different, that’s for sure. ​ Last Week: ​ Last Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday my husband got overtime at work and was gone until after dinner, or even after bedtime! He leaves for work at about 5 am, so it really having him gone ALL day. Here’s something to know, my child, I love him, but my child does not shut up. He talks from the moment he wakes up to sometimes after he is asleep. Yes, I said after. This is a mixed blessing because he used toRead More →

That time already? WOW! These weekly workbasket posts really make me see how much time gets away from me, or just how fast it passes in general. It seems like I just typed my first one but here it is several posts later. Last Week: So last week I started a new organization/cleaning method. It’s based on The Slob Sisters, and their Side-Tracked Home Executive system. I haven’t read the official book, but learned some about the system online and just jumped in to creating a basic set up. My son and I both are very ADHD and are not good at cleaning. We getRead More →

Every week I discuss what I'm working on how it's going and what I'm up to. --My Workbasket

I started these posts to help show that I am being productive behind the scenes, but I feel like it shows the opposite. This is the third week and I feel like I’m still working on half the items from the first week. When you really pay attention to time it just seems to show how much it flies doesn’t it?  I have worked on the 5D peacock, the head and neck are complete (except for the beak) I have a stack of projects standing by for the blog next month, and am working on some for this month. I’m struggling with the June 1952Read More →