It feels like it just rolled into 2017 and now here we are in APRIL! How did that happen??? Spring is coming, my early blooming flowers have already bloomed and died, and my March baby has turned 10! 10! People. I don’t know how time goes at the speed it does. Slow down time! Just slow down! But really, April is here! I almost grimace when I say it, but it is. The April issue was picked a few weeks ago, and in the spirit of slowing down time¬† I picked the oldest April issue I have in my collection, 1949. I’ve already gotten aRead More →

I’m really struggling with the blog this month. I’ve yet in casual browsing to find an issue that didn’t amaze me, but this issue kind of does. I’m just not in love with anything in it. I DO however have some stuff coming down the line, but I’m just generally uninspired this month. There has been a lot of sitting and saying “I SHOULD be doing something for my blog,” while then NOT actually doing it. I did order a plant based on an ad and am attempting to grow it. The placemats, the only project I both really liked and do somewhat need, causedRead More →

Since posting the February issue I’ve been gone, and I apologize. I went home again. Well, not home, where I live now is home, but I went to my childhood home. It’s always interesting to return there. I lived there for 15 years, it’s the only home I really know other the house I live in now. A few places I was to young to remember and one apartment my husband and I had for exactly one year. We’ve been in our current house almost 12 or 13 years. But my childhood home and my current home are worlds apart. Not in distance. The driveRead More →

I’ve been busy for days prepping, cooking, and entertaining out of town guests, and the day is finally here! Thanksgiving!!! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I want to truly wish every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  To me Thanksgiving is food, family, friends, gratitude, a celebration of fall and the seasons, and yes, a little bit that it’s a good way to show off my cooking skills! I think of this blog in a very similar way. It’s about home: going home, being home, making a home, remembering a home. To me the crafts, recipes, and even ads in Workbasket are aRead More →