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  I can’t believe it is almost August! I’ve turned 34, my sweet niece is about to turn 10, and school supplies are in the stores. Craziness! I also have so many projects that I never got to talk about in July! So many! Most of them were for Christmas in July, so now I’ll probably save them for actual Christmas and talk about them then. Let’s talk about my Weekly Workbasket though. Read More →

Here’s a few things you may not know about me- I am super cheapskate most of the time. It drives my husband crazy. Most of the crafts I know are self taught, or learned from a video or two. I did have a teacher for knitting and crochet, the basic stitches anyway, the rest I picked up. I don’t really like taking classes. I get bored, I don’t always learn much, I hate being shown things I already know and want to get to the good stuff.Read More →

I have had the wildest week ya’ll! Oh boy, what a week. This Weekly Workbasket will be different, that’s for sure. ​ Last Week: ​ Last Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday my husband got overtime at work and was gone until after dinner, or even after bedtime! He leaves for work at about 5 am, so it really having him gone ALL day. Here’s something to know, my child, I love him, but my child does not shut up. He talks from the moment he wakes up to sometimes after he is asleep. Yes, I said after. This is a mixed blessing because he used toRead More →

That time already? WOW! These weekly workbasket posts really make me see how much time gets away from me, or just how fast it passes in general. It seems like I just typed my first one but here it is several posts later. Last Week: So last week I started a new organization/cleaning method. It’s based on The Slob Sisters, and their Side-Tracked Home Executive system. I haven’t read the official book, but learned some about the system online and just jumped in to creating a basic set up. My son and I both are very ADHD and are not good at cleaning. We getRead More →

Before we left for vacation I talked about the kitten we were going to get when we got back, but other things were in store for us. If you want to hear the whole story (it’s amazing, truly) keep reading. If you only want the crochet pattern scroll down. Kismet the Cat: Years ago, 15 to 16 at least, while still living at home, before getting married, there was a cat in the yard. A tiny kitten. We kept him, named him Stampy, and he lasted and lived. He was our first baby. Last year he died, as did his brother that we got forRead More →

When we go to visit with my parents it’s nice to see them and be part of their lives for awhile. It’s also nice to spend some time away from home, in the country, just mostly relaxing. I usually come home in a good mental place, and usually with something I have been struggling with all figured out. All of that is great, BUT the real reason I go, is for thrift shops! Here at home we have two Goodwill’s that are easy to get to and close, but I don’t like shopping there (expensive!!) There is a small independently run shop that we love,Read More →

It’s that time again! When I typed my weekly workbasket last week I was 469.2 miles from where I am right now. For once I actually remembered to both set the trip odometer AND read it before driving anywhere else or around town. It has been quite a week. Last Week: Monday we had some great family time at my brother’s pool, and took the cat to the vet. Cat is pretty healthy! We got lucky with our discovery. He was put on some medication for his cold/sinus/upper respiratory issue. Tuesday we went to all the thrift stores one last time, packed up and loadedRead More →

Hello Folks! I’m writing this post from my childhood home in the country! It’s been quite a week. The trip to get here was uneventful. The last few miles of the drive I was practically racing a storm. I could see it out my car window and knew I was driving almost right into it. We ran into the house in the rain, and then it picked up and then we unloaded the car in a slow spot. My parents run a car wash here and most of the days we just spend time there, playing games and stuff together in the slow times, entertainingRead More →

Every week I discuss what I'm working on how it's going and what I'm up to. --My Workbasket

It’s May 28th I have had the best day! Earlier I took my son and two friends to a local school and randomly bumped into a local guy who is a Guinness World Record holder! He is on for something bike related and put on quite a show for us when I asked if that was him. The new book comes out in August and I have a feeling we’ll be buying it and then carrying it around hoping for another encounter and a chance to get an autograph! It was really cool. My family also went out and visited a local comic book store,Read More →

I’ve decided to start doing a regular post called Weekly Workbasket, where I’ll share with you some of my To Do List and goals for the week. Besides this website I also homeschool, run a homeschool group, and of course mother and take care of the house. All of that will be reflected somewhat in what you see here. Here’s what I have coming up. I recently started a lacy crochet project for next month’s blog. So hopefully I’ll be working on that this week. I have 2 out of ??? parts done. It’s using this yarn, which I balled up this week, (and encounteredRead More →

Hello hello dear readers! I can’t believe May is almost gone! I know I haven’t posted much, but I promise I have been working hard! The May (1980) issue I’m using doesn’t have a ton of projects I’m interested in. The #1 project I’m dedicated to doing is the collared shawl, and it is HUGE! SO much knitting. It is made of two triangles, either of which could be a shawl by itself. I’m also already working on June projects, AND planning and prepping for a BIG July event! Add in life in general, some possible food poisoning (I’m better now, thank goodness) and theRead More →

1980 had quite a few big things happen. The Iraq-Iran war started. Ronald Reagan will be elected later this year.  Mt Saint Helens erupted just recentlyand erupted again this month, killing 57 people. A personal favorite- the Post It hit the market! John Lennon was killed this year in December. The USA won it’s first ever gold in Olympic Ice Hockey! A southern heatwave for the upcoming summer killed over 1000 people! The wonderful classic Pac-Man was showing up in arcades. One phrase was HUGE, big enough that I wasn’t even born yet and still I’ve heard it countless times, “Who shot JR?!” And inRead More →

Just a quick note to let you know I’m now on Instagram! I’ll be posting more photos of items as they are in the works, or more funny little bits and bobs I come along while I work and shop. I’d love to have you follow me. You can check it out by clicking the button below. Check It Out Don’t worry! There will still be plenty of content and crafts here as well! While we’re on the subject, if you don’t already follow me on Facebook, you can do so by clicking below! Click here for Facebook I’ve spent the Sunday Tatting, again, andRead More →

I mentioned recently that I’d be taking a trip, and I’m back. Originally I had intended to crank out some crafts, post a new thing or two, and be productive. Instead I spent some time sitting in a wheelbarrow by a fire, being driven around in a lawnmower trailer, enjoying family, and planning my garden. My son played at a playground where I went a few times as a kid, even playing on the same old firetruck. He drove the lawnmower, spent time with his cousins and grandparents, and drank way more southern sweet tea than a Maryland boy usually would. I did get aRead More →