The Advent Calendar that wasn't, and how I was suckered by my 10 year old.

Several weeks ago I got the idea of making an advent calendar. I wanted to make mini mittens and hang them on a line. I decided not to crochet them though because I wanted my son to help, so I opted to use felt. Cut to shape, sew, hang. I was going to share the pattern and directions here with you. I bought a stack of felt. I mentally prepped my idea. I asked my son about 20 times if he was ready to make it. I ordered a case of 20 Hot Wheels cars to put in it. (I was going to grab moreRead More →

A website for vintage crafts, vintage find, vintage fun, crafts, tutorials, chatter and more! My Workbasket

I am so behind on this page and my projects for this page. It’s awful. I promise you I’m around, I’m alive, and I’m working. For the last week? Two weeks? Three weeks? I don’t even know anymore, I have not been to sleep before 2 am. I am SO tired ya’ll. Yesterday I spent the entire day on the couch, looking at old craft magazines and trying to take a nap. I was so tired my legs hurt. No nap was to be had. Then I fell asleep watching a movie with my son at 9:30 and my body finally had the nap itRead More →

Pumpkin Carving, Crochet, and Melting Plastic- My Workbasket

This post is coming a bit late, but it’s here, and that’s what matters right?? I don’t know about you but I have been SO busy the last month and a half. So busy that I have given up on my hilarious Halloween costume idea, because I know I won’t have time to make it. So busy that I have barely finished October projects and haven’t even started on anything for November or December! I don’t know if you know this, but most bloggers are actually writing posts up to six weeks or more in advance, so what you’re seeing is old news to them. Read More →

Fun videos with a dose of yarny goodness! -- My Workbasket

A little crafty fun for you today! A video of what I’ve been working on with some of my in-progress projects. Today is my one-year blogiversary! I didn’t plan anything special, but now you know. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible. Some quick show notes- My cable needle clamors around while I talk about my knit wrap, sorry about that. I think I held up my Euphoria Cardi backward. There is a design in the center, but it is in darker yarn and doesn’t show well anyway. I don’t know if I held it backward, or if the design just looks bumpy onRead More →

Favorite crafts and patterns from around the web! My Workbasket

Occasionally I’d like to share with you some cute patterns and things I’ve found around the web. Despite the title, it probably won’t really be weekly. I just see SO many amazing patterns and crafts out there while I work on the site that I want to share them with you sometimes. This week I’ll be showing you a few cute items I found over on Annie’s Website! I spent a lot of time there this week just browsing around and checking out their stuff. Annie’s is one of those names that I always think of when thinking about heritage crafting (what I call craftsRead More →

Fun videos with a dose of yarny goodness! -- My Workbasket

I recorded a fun little video today to just show you some of what I’ve been working on lately in my hoard of projects. I also show off an amazing bag of yarn I bought yesterday! Behold! Yarntube #1 and I hope there will be many more. The Monkey is from this Book The CAL is Here Be sure to Follow Me On Ravelry! I do try to update regularly so you can see my projects in progress before I even write about them. My Crafty Facebook Group can be Found Here.Read More →

Just some of the things I'm working on this week. Three painting samples, some painted rocks, and more!

How was your week last week? Amazing I hope! Mine was okay. I did some good stuff, was fairly productive, had some fun. Here’s a visual example of my week : If you haven’t seen yet I released not one but TWO free hat patterns last week. The 1967 Beret, and the 1967 Ribbed Beanie! It always takes a certain amount of work to release a new pattern but I got that all done and both patterns are on Ravelry if you want to save them for later. A friend has been asking me for probably a year or more to teach some painting classes onRead More →

A few photos I took at Mount Vernon, which is simply a wonderful place to visit!-- My Workbasket

How was your week last week? Mine was simply delightful! Well, mostly. A little bit of stress and annoyance with my neighborhood, but let’s focus on all the good stuff instead! I had a pretty productive week craft wise, although I have several projects I want to finish today in order to be on my own self-created deadline. I have a free pattern I designed that will be coming out (hopefully) this week, and I am knitting up my third sample to test the pattern. I also need one more square for my current block in the CAL. Add in the crafts from the actualRead More →

Several different yarn crafts from the county fair-- My Workbasket

Every year I swear I’m going to enter items in the county fair. Every year it gets away from me and I don’t. Sadly, this year was no different. I picked up the book several weeks ago, got my items to enter figured out. Item registration was Sunday, Tuesday I said “Well darn! Guess I’m not entering the fair again!” My son and I do have fun going every year on Kids Day. I eyeball the crafts, pet some sheep, and swear I’ll enter some crafts next year. He pets some sheep, eyeballs pigs, and eats massive amounts of sugar. Mostly, we both load upRead More →

One cast off and the the other cast on, but be designing a new pattern!-- My Workbasket

Last week was a bit of  a mess. My son and I both were fighting a bug at the beginning of the week and just dragging along, and then I had a headache for about 3 days at the end of the week. In fact I didn’t write this post yesterday because it was the first day I felt up to doing much and I figured it was better to be productive with actual products then productive by writing this post.Read More →

Making some notebooks for my traveler's notebook, and just some to have in my bag. -- My Workbasket

First let me talk for a minute about life. We are expected to balance WAY to much in this life. Have a green smoothie every day, BUT don’t always use kale or it can mess up your thyroid. (Plus, kale is disgusting.) Eat plenty of fruit, BUT be careful it contains so much sugar! You should have a spotless home, home cooked meals, and be a happy homemaker, BUT you should have an income. Eat eggs for protein, but not to many, the jury is still out on cholesterol. Relax, take a day off, but be productive. Remember your vitamins. Exercise! It’s just to much!Read More →

Showing off 5 lbs of sewing goodies and vintage crafty items!

I said that I wanted to show you my recent ebay purchase with all the sewing goodies. I kept putting it off because it would take SO many photos to show you everything, so instead I decided to make a video! I’d love to hear your thoughts (I know the video could be better) and what your favorite item from the box is! Sorry I talk a bit fast, I knew there was a LOT to show and didn’t want the video to be an hour long. It’s not truly a “box opening” because I have opened it already, but all the goodies are there,Read More →

Some pages from my sketchbook for the week. Trying to be creative every day! -- My Workbasket

It’s that time again! Let’s talk about life! Parenting- I don’t usually say to much about parenting, because honestly this blog is to give me something else to think about, talk about, and focus on, BUT this week. I swear my child has not shut up for at least 7 days straight. I locked myself in the bathroom and he just stood on the other side of the door talking to me the entire time I was in there. He has some various special needs that cause this sort of thing. Just, oh man, there is not enough coffee for this. It’s affected my productivityRead More →