I’ve got some bad news. (Whomp whomp waaaaaa) nothing terrible, but I made this video to explain and to try to make it up to you. If you’d rather read than watch: I had some sickness and life stuff and the first issue won’t be out at the date I originally announced. I’d just rather it be good than rushed and it isn’t ready. It’ll be out asap! The project shown is NOT the only project in the issue, just on the only one handy for the video. Can’t give you a sneak peek of everything you know! Though I probably would if you asked.Read More →

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kind of person. I am more of a constant thought and self-improvement, change as soon as you need it type of person. This year a few changes that I need just happen to coincide with winter break, then with the holiday happenings are easier to implement in the New Year. Mostly I think because I was able to really take time and just think. Only one of these changes really affects this site or what you’ll see here. By New Workbasket, I don’t mean my actual workbasket, which has been the same organized tote bag since I started thisRead More →

Recent batch from the dyed pot. Handdyed wool that looks just like clown hair.

Really, what else can you even call that??? The best part is that it didn’t get dyed in that stripe pattern, that happened as I rinsed it. It was dyed in clusters of color. I’ve had my dye pot going constantly for the last few weeks. I pretty much start a batch in the evening, turn it off to cool in the morning, then rinse and dump in the evening and refill it. I have about 15 pounds of my own stash to dye, PLUS the homeschool center got some amazing donations. Since we have limited time at the center I’m trying to dye someRead More →

Plastic Canvas Garland made from a kit

I’m not sure if I mentioned over the summer what our school year would be like. In June we (my son and I) attended an open house for a new homeschool center. It was a dream come true, the same idea I have been wanting to build for years. I jumped on board the same day as a founder and facilitator. So in September, we opened for the school year and my son and I spend Monday and Tuesday with about 20+ kids and 3 other facilitators doing all kinds of fun stuff! This post contains affiliate links. If you follow them and make aRead More →

Getting ready to make truffles with historically accurate chocolate!

Today is an amazing combo in that it’s summer, which is the perfect time for a trip, and that it is Chocolate Day. So I’m going to tell you how to enjoy a trip, get some amazing chocolate, and even turn it into a fun and easy history learning experience! (Interestingly enough there are actually 4 Chocolate Days a year, but that’s just an ADHD inspired tidbit.) We actually do a lot of tours and trips, mostly because we live close to so many, but also because my approach to history is that it is better to see and do than to read and quote. It’s oneRead More →

While the world constantly pushes for perfection I want people to know they are not alone! It's okay to be a mess! It's okay to be Type-B.

If you read my post yesterday maybe it resonated with you, but maybe not because you need to relax, maybe you’re like me and are probably TOO relaxed. Maybe you were saying “Alicia, I’m TOO Relaxed- Just Like You!” Well, that is the other part of what I try to do here! Photo by chaithanya krishnan on Unsplash Here’s what I’m hoping people get from my website: Type A People- Learn to relax a bit and follow some of my fun and easy tips for crafts and family fun. See that I do these things and we survive! We even thrive! The mess is worth it! Other Type B People-Read More →

Guys, just relax and have fun, you only get one life and time with your kids if brief.

I know the “Type A” idea, I’m not it, I don’t entirely understand it, but I know it. If you’re not Type A, are you Type B? Is the opposite Type Z?? Featured Photo is by Daniel Spase on Unsplash One thing I’m hoping to do with this website is to rub off a little of my extreme Type B/Z onto other people, especially parents. I want people to relax. In 2 years, 10 years, 20 years, will you say “We always had a lot of fun, because our house was spotless and I had a detailed schedule?” Probably not. Days with our babies are slim you guys.Read More →

From a water bottle to a recipe a list of six things that I am just loving this week!

I wanted to share a little sneak peek into my life with a feature about 6 things I’m loving this week. In no particular order here are six things I am just loving right now and why. There are three things I want you to take away from this list. 1. I just love these things. 2. The simple things in life can be amazing, and by appreciating them you will probably be a happier person. 3. The fact that two of these items, and my phone case (not shown) all match was completely coincidental. [ReviewDisclaimer] Julie Nutting Stamps- I have  BIG crafty reveal comingRead More →

How to use "Woodchips" of time to enjoy hobbies -- My Workbasket

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned (probably many times) that I grew up in a crafty family, or at least surrounded by crafty females. I remember at a young age reading a story in a craft magazine that has really stuck with me. Keeping in mind that I may not have even been double digits when I read this that really means something. I’m fairly sure it was an old issue of Nutshell News, a miniatures magazine from many years ago, but I could be mistaken. It’s about finding time for hobbies, and I found it very insightful. I’ve told this story many times overRead More →

A close-up of the kind dolls face- My Workbasket

I told you yesterday all the details about the Yarn Party, but today let me tell you about the other fun I had at Savage Mill!! Besides the Great Room where the Yarn Party was, Savage Mill has multiple other fun stores. They are almost all a more artsy style. One gift store was a bit odd. There were modern collectibles, similar to a Hallmark or a gift shop, but there was also vintage items, antiques, and also a massive amount of clutter and boxes. I thought maybe they just opened, but that was not the case. I don’t know what the story was there,Read More →

Just chatting about life, crafts, and other things over coffee! My Workbasket

You guys, I am SO bad at time management and getting stuff done. I have serious time management problems. I can easily spend time making lists, planning, creating a system, but when it comes time to implement it sits. I have so many old planners that I find and throw out because a single page was done and now it is drastically outdated. It’s odd too, because in the right situation I am a worker bee. If you tell me these boxes need to be moved over there, I am at it. No problem. If you tell me these boxes need to be organized, filled,Read More →

Hey Guys!! (Not literally, though hello to any guys reading this as well!!!) I realized last night that in reality, you don’t know me. Not just in a “this is only a website, and we’ve never met in person” kind of way, but in the fact that I am holding myself back from you. I am not letting you truly meet me and be a part of my life. I’m going to remedy that. Starting right now! You’ll be seeing a lot more of ME on the site. I intend to share more events from my daily life, more of my personal story, more ofRead More →

If you’ve been a reader for awhile you may be waiting to hear about February’s issue, but there isn’t one. I’ve decided to make a change starting this month. No More Monthly Issues! I will no longer be picking a single issue every month to work through. That was the idea what I started the blog, but truth be told those posts get very little attention. In fact, the least read posts on the whole website at the monthly issue reveals. They were also taking up the most of my time. Truth be told, it was also making vintage magazines a bit less fun for me.Read More →