FREE Geometric Flowers Cross Stitch pattern

I designed this free cross stitch pattern some time ago with the intention of having it in the first magazine issue. Ever since I admitted to myself I didn’t have time for the magazine I’ve really been just reformulating, making things for the sheer joy of it, deciding where to go from here and where this site fits in my life, and this project kind of sat in limbo. No more! It’s ready! I actually did the cross stitch samples way back in like February, but this this welcome sign sat waiting until a about a week ago for me to paint the frame andRead More →

For several months I have been toying with the idea of blogging about homeschooling. I’ve gone back and forth about doing it at all and also if I did do it if it should be here or on its own site. Well, finally I decided to do it, and then after setting up a free site, I opted to do it here instead. It is part of what I have in my personal workbasket, plus to be frank I don’t want to upkeep two different sites. I’m lazy and hate technology. (hahaha but true) SO if you are here for crafts only, and don’t careRead More →

Well, guys, it’s April. April 4th to be completely exact. When I opted to swap to a magazine format my first issue was due out over a month ago. There is no issue released. My second issue was planned for next month and it’s not ready. Here’s the thing guys, this website has brought me more happiness, and tears, and stress, and fun in the last two years than I every thought possible. I’ve constantly tried to grow it and change it and treat it like a business and honestly it has been stressing me out, SO MUCH. You can’t even imagine. For one itRead More →

I’ve got some bad news. (Whomp whomp waaaaaa) nothing terrible, but I made this video to explain and to try to make it up to you. If you’d rather read than watch: I had some sickness and life stuff and the first issue won’t be out at the date I originally announced. I’d just rather it be good than rushed and it isn’t ready. It’ll be out asap! The project shown is NOT the only project in the issue, just on the only one handy for the video. Can’t give you a sneak peek of everything you know! Though I probably would if you asked.Read More →

My Workbasket- a blog about crafts, traditions, the crafting of traditions, and the tradition of crafting

If you have stopped by anytime recently or have been reading my last few posts you know I’ve decided to make some changes here. Well, the biggest change of all has been decided. I’m super excited!! I’ve been doing this blog for over 2 years, and I’ve changed quite a bit since the beginning, but this change is the biggest one I’ve tried yet. It’s BIG! I’m NOT blogging anymore. But don’t worry! I’m not going anywhere. I’ve decided to run My Workbasket as an online craft magazine instead!!! What does that mean exactly? Mostly that instead of posts and patterns bumbling it at variousRead More →

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kind of person. I am more of a constant thought and self-improvement, change as soon as you need it type of person. This year a few changes that I need just happen to coincide with winter break, then with the holiday happenings are easier to implement in the New Year. Mostly I think because I was able to really take time and just think. Only one of these changes really affects this site or what you’ll see here. By New Workbasket, I don’t mean my actual workbasket, which has been the same organized tote bag since I started thisRead More →

Using baskets around your house can help you organize and be cute too!

If you are looking to spruce up your home décor, baskets are a handy and inexpensive way to add charm while giving your home extra storage space. Buying Baskets: I LOVE to buy baskets at thrift stores and department stores. They’re usually cheap and there is a ton of variety out there. Just be sure to buy sturdy baskets! Usually, thrift stores are my first choice for baskets, just check them thoroughly first. If I know I need a specific size or style, or multiples of a basket, then I go to the department store. The stores always have tons but most of them aren’t good.Read More →

You guys! Christmas is gonna be here soon!!!! Can you even believe it? As Christmas approaches, there is a fair chance your to-do list doubles, or even triples in size.  Today, I’m asking you to question your list. Every item on it, who is it for? How does it make you feel? Here’s the thing, there is a fair chance that there is something on your list that you don’t really want to do. Maybe you don’t want to send Christmas cards, or write a letter, or attend a certain party, or do a work Secret Santa.  Is it Worth It? So many people justRead More →

Colorful Wool and prepped for teaching kids to wet felt!

I mentioned in my blog post Lately, that my son and I have been spending two days a week at a fun school for homeschoolers. I spend some of my time there teaching the kids various fun crafts and recently someone wanted to learn how to felt beads. We had a massive amount of wool donated so I took in some soap and taught them what to do.  Setting Up First I just pulled all sorts of wool out of our bin and made a big colorful pile. Once your hands get soapy it’s hard to get fresh wool without making a mess so IRead More →

Vintage Needlepoint in Progress - from a Kit

November completely disappeared around me. It was here and now it’s almost gone. Like the autumn version of a hummingbird. I went to my parents house early in the month for their big annual camp out. Nothing much to report there, except I got a box full of new to me old magazines (you’ll see those popping up here sometime) and one needlepoint (shown below) but it did really effect my month in general. I was getting ready to go, then came home just in time to shop for Thanksgiving, and then cook for Thanksgiving, and then here we are, month almost over.  Besides theRead More →

Finished Sammy the Snowman- Crochet pattern from Annies 2018 Christmas special-- My Workbasket

Is it too early to talk about Christmas and snowmen? My cold fingers and the electric blanket on my bed say no. My heart says yeah, it’s too early. I know crafts take time to make though, so if I want to talk about it, it’ll be too late! SO before it’s too late to talk about it, my cold fingers are typing this for you to enjoy. (My fingers are cold because it is cold and we keep our house a bit chilly. Save money and wear a sweater!) Recently I requested a review copy of the Annies special Christmas craft issue and theyRead More →

Finished plastic canvas Birdie Welcome sign-- My Workbasket

I’ve mentioned a few crafts I was working on, and finally they’re all assembled. I had a stack of plastic canvas crafts and a crochet snowman just sitting and waiting to be put together. Here’s the plastic canvas pieces, a stack of Jack-o-Lantern magnets and a Welcome sign: Both of these patterns came from the same place, Annies Archive. I joined this site a month or so ago and still really like it. It’s a subscription service for just $2 a month and you get access to thousands of retired Annies patterns. I admit some of them are quite dated, but there is still MORE thanRead More →