A Bunny Egg Cozy Fail

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In the April 1949 issue there was an adorable little egg cozy, just basic crochet with instructions to make a rooster or a bunny. I was very excited because we eat insane amounts of eggs. My son and I will often has 2-3 soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Having cute bunnies and roosters would be a nice pick me up at the breakfast table. I got right to work and made one. First you build the basic base:

Then you add the details like bunny ears or rooster parts. So I did. Went for the bunny first.

And Now For the Fail:

And then I tried it on an egg. Nothing. Wouldn’t fit. So I tried it on another egg. Nothing. So I said “Maybe I messed up, made it to tight, made my first row to snug.” So I tried again. Made another base…..nothing. Wouldn’t fit on an egg, any egg. When we had our country time I got plenty of nice farm fresh eggs, which most people know come in all different shapes and sizes. I tried again. Even on the smallest or thinnest eggs it wouldn’t fit.

So now I have one plain egg cozy that doesn’t fit on an egg and one bunny-eared one that doesn’t fit on an egg. Honestly I just can’t force myself to sew on a face when I know it won’t fit an egg. So that project was a FAIL!

I DO love the idea though, so many I’ll try again one day with larger yarn and a bigger hook. I bet some sock yarns would make some crazy cozies!

Now tell me readers, do any of you have this issue? Did you make the egg cozies? Did they actually fit on an egg??? I’m completely open to the possibility that it is my fault and not the pattern.

3 thoughts on “A Bunny Egg Cozy Fail

  1. Maybe the egg is supposed to wear it as a top hat, ha, ha! Would like to see more detail, what size thread and hook you used, and the egg with it so be able to see how much it was off, using your thread size.

    1. I’ll see if I can find one of the completed ones and snap a photo next to an egg. I used size 10 thread, and in one of the attempts used a hook sized larger than the pattern called for. It starts at the bottom and works up, and I felt like the chain row was to tight, but made sure on the next attempt to make it very loose, and it still didn’t work. It does look like it will almost fit, especially on a skinny egg, but just doesn’t.

    2. I took some photos of the egg cozy attempting to fit on an egg. It’s posted on “Weekly Workbasket- July 16” Would love your input on it!

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