Bias Knit Scarf- From 1983

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This Bias Knit Scarf from the July 1983 issue was a super fun and easy knit!  Easy to remember stitch pattern, just varied enough to keep it interested, AND no ends to weave in! That’s right, NO ends! As you change colors you leave a tail which later becomes part of the side fringe.

Making It:

I was more than halfway finished when I realized I missed a golden opportunity! If I had used red and white it would look like a candy cane! I intend to make a few more that use that idea. It only takes a small skein of each color, so I was able to keep it in a gallon ziploc on the needles, for easy transport and worked on it while we were outside or at parks or what have you.

I find the finished result very cute, but very hard to photograph.

I will say, I bought some Nicole Brand Basic yarn on sale at AC Moore and used it for this project, I did NOT like it, and returned the rest of the colors I originally bought. Both skeins had random knots, both would get randomly thin in some spots, the sheen varied as you went along, AND one of them had a suddenly very plasticy spot that clearly wasn’t spun out properly!

So if you have this issue I recommend the project but NOT that yarn.


Unfortunately this issue is to modern for me to feel comfortable sharing the pattern, BUT one lucky reader can win a completed scarf! The winner can choose this finished item, yarn issues included (but I either fixed them or you can’t tell they are there) OR you can request two custom colors and I will complete a scarf just for you (from another yarn!) Perhaps school colors, a favorite sports team, a candy cane, whatever you choose!

How to enter? Just be a subscriber! In one week, on Tuesday, July 18th I will draw a winner from my subscriber list and announce it here (as well as email them personally!) So if you are a subscriber you’re already entered, and if you’re not, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now for a chance to win this and many more Christmas in July goodies over the course of the month.

Some fine print- a custom color will take time to make, but I’ll keep you updated on it’s progress, and it will be done before scarf season for sure!

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  1. I love the scarf! Hogwarts colors!

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