Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Betta Fish Lovey

Recently on a crochet group I’m in a designer asked for pattern testers and since I am a bit ahead on blog projects and had a light project load at the moment I volunteered. I had no idea what the project would be until she sent me the pattern, but I knew it was crochet, supposed to be quick, and used the colorful cake yarns so popular right now.  I was super surprised to get this adorable pattern for a Betta Fish Lovey!









It’s designed as a baby lovey, but my 10 year old got excited and wanted one. He picked the yarn and is keeping it. (He’s know requested a squid from a different pattern and designer that I’ll share soon)

The pattern takes advantage of the colorful caked yarns you can find all over the place right now, and creates a unique colored fish every time. All the striping in my fish and his tail was the result of the yarn. One place in my yarn had an annoying factory knot! In some projects it would be a big deal, but this one just added to the color changes.

I suspect my chatty son get me off track a time or two, or ten, because my tail came out far fuller than the pattern. I also finished my tail a row sooner than the pattern says, because the skein brand I had is slightly smaller than called for.

You can see all the details for my project and a link to the pattern on my ravelry page. If you’re over on Ravelry be sure to friend me! I’m trying to get better about posting my projects over there.

The designer is Uniquely More and she has a Ravelry page, a facebook page, and is over on craftsy.

The pattern was really fantastic, explained very well, and easy to follow. I can tell she puts a lot of work into her patterns, and after working with her I know she is just generally awesome! Now I’ve got my eye on her other Betta Fish Pattern, this hilarious Utter Bag, and I am planning to whip up this sleep mask. 

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