Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Bad News- Good News

I’ve got some bad news. (Whomp whomp waaaaaa) nothing terrible, but I made this video to explain and to try to make it up to you.

If you’d rather read than watch: I had some sickness and life stuff and the first issue won’t be out at the date I originally announced. I’d just rather it be good than rushed and it isn’t ready. It’ll be out asap! The project shown is NOT the only project in the issue, just on the only one handy for the video. Can’t give you a sneak peek of everything you know! Though I probably would if you asked.

In the video I give some sneak peeks of what you will see in the first issue when it does come out! PLUS some sneak peeks at what will be in the Summer issue too!!

So stick with me and hopefully it’ll be great!!!

Seriously- Aren’t these snips amazing looking!?!?!??! Have you seen them before??

2 thoughts on “Bad News- Good News

  1. I have a pair of scissors that are similar to those, but mine were my grandmother’s; they’re smaller, all-steel, antiques made in Japan. They are wonderful. The very tip of one blade is broken, but the other one is super for slipping under a stitch I need to snip.

  2. Oh yes! I have several of the small metal pairs. They are AMAZING for precision! These are so big and awesome I am really liking them. I haven’t used them much yet for precision stuff, but things like trimming fringe- they are a dream!!! Can cut through several worsted weight strands in a single snip.

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