April?!?! Where Did YOU Come From?!!?!?

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It feels like it just rolled into 2017 and now here we are in APRIL! How did that happen??? Spring is coming, my early blooming flowers have already bloomed and died, and my March baby has turned 10! 10! People. I don’t know how time goes at the speed it does. Slow down time! Just slow down!

But really, April is here! I almost grimace when I say it, but it is. The April issue was picked a few weeks ago, and in the spirit of slowing down time¬† I picked the oldest April issue I have in my collection, 1949. I’ve already gotten a jump start on a few projects, so hopefully there will be lots of blog content this month.

Here’s a few interesting April 1949 tidbits:

South Pacific started on Broadway!

Ireland became a Republic and left the British Commonwealth.

In general the second World War had been over for a few years, but it clearly lives on in memory and daily life. The issue is chock full of ads for military surplus. Massive thread spools, parachutes, and very sadly, not surplus but,¬† tombstones, “shipped straight to you.”







The projects featured this month are quite cute and simple, and line up well with Easter.

Other nice projects include this tatted coaster (already working on it,) Swedish Weaving (really hoping to attempt it this month,) and as always it seems, a potholder.

In my craft stash I have a product from an ad featured in this issue and I hope to post about that, and I’m also starting a project that utilizes a retro craft tool and hope to share about that as well!

If you haven’t already be sure to check out my free pattern from last month! Free Placemat Pattern

I also have a few projects and recipes from March that I’m finishing up, including a plant from an ad that is still growing, or attempting too, that I hope to talk about.

What about you, dear reader? Do you have any memories or personal links to 1949? Do you collect Workbasket and have this issue? I’d love to hear from you! You can comment below or email me using the contact page. As always, thanks for reading! If I didn’t have readers, well, I’d just be a crazy person talking to herself, which I will not admit here if I do or not. Happy Spring!

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