The Ann Shawl- a classic granny square shawl in two sizes

A classic granny style triangle shawl/scarf in an easy stitch, with two sizes and two edging options-- My Workbasket
A classic granny style triangle shawl/scarf in an easy stitch, with two sizes and two edging options-- My Workbasket

A classic crochet granny style triangle shawl/scarf in an easy stitch, with two sizes and two edging options. Free from - My WorkbasketI have always adored granny squares. I’d buy granny items from thrift stores even at a very young age. At around 13 years old I became really determined to make my own. The only person I knew well that crocheted at the time (and was local enough to teach me) was my Aunt Ann. Only one problem, she was left-handed, and I am not.

I remember sitting face to face instead of side by side and trying to figure it out. It wasn’t working. She was very determined that you start your slip knot with your crochet hook, and to this day I make mine first with my fingers. We didn’t get very far. Finally, we gave up, and my mom picked up the hook again to show me how. (My mom still crochets to this day, you’re welcome Mom!)

I still remember my aunt trying to teach me. She loved to crochet for all the years I knew her and used to do craft shows with my mom and another aunt. She was one of the key people who helped raise me in a crafty environment. She had a small design featured in a craft magazine once. It’s still around, and can be found free here! My Aunt Ann died a few months ago, and when naming this granny shawl I decided to name it after her, as a thank you for her help in trying to learn to make my own grannies! Just look at me now!

It can obviously be made in any gauge, but if you like numbers and patterns then stay tuned, because I’ll be releasing it in a lighter weight yarn hopefully next week!

The Pattern:

This size utilizes worsted weight yarn in colorful striping cake yarns, but any yarn will do, even different sizes! It’s a pretty basic pattern, and I know it’s been done before, but I wanted a triangle scarf and when I sat down to make it this is what came out. I do love a granny!

I include directions and amounts for two different sizes AND two different edges.

Every row begins with a chain 3, and that is counted as a DC in your stitch counts, and in future rows.

Borders are NOT done on the top long edge. They are worked around only the shorter sides of the triangle.

Don’t know how to Double Crochet?  Just check out my How to Double Crochet free video tutorial. 


Worsted Weight Yarn-

For the small triangle 5 ounces of yarn

For the large shawl size 10 ounces

My Gray Sample is using one cake of Sweet Roll in Silver Swirl (245 yards per 5 ounce cake)

My Blue and Green Large Sample is using two cakes of Candy Shop yarn in Jawbreaker (260 yards per cake, but I did have several yards leftover)

Size I Crochet Hook

Needle for weaving in ends


7 Rows and 3 granny clusters (plus one extra open space) = 4″

Measure from the edge of one cluster, across that cluster, the next space, two more clusters with a space between for a total of three clusters and three spaces. You should be able to be slightly off gauge and still have enough yarn for your choice of edging. Drastically off gauge may require more or less yarn than listed.


For all Sizes:

Ch 4, 2 dc in first chain, chain 3 and turn (chain three is beginning of the next row) (one granny cluster made)

2 dc in same space as chain, ch 1, 3 dc in last stitch (chain stitch beginning the previous row) chain 3 and turn (2 granny clusters)

2 dc in the same space as the chain, chain 1, 3 dc in chain 1 space of previous row, ch 1, 3 dc in last stitch (chain 3 from previous row) chain 3 and turn (three granny clusters)

Continue this pattern by doing 3 dc in every beginning stitch, every chain 1 space, and the end stitch.

For Small Triangle Scarf using 5 ounces of yarn- Complete 30 rows, about 17 from center point up the center to the middle of the flat edge. This will leave enough for the edging of your choice.

For a Small Triangle with no edging, complete 34 rows. This will use almost all of your yarn, without a game of yarn chicken.

For Large Shawl Size- Using 10 ounces of yarn, complete 44 rows. 24 inches from center point to the top, measuring up the center. This will leave enough yarn for the edging of your choice.

IF you’d like to make a different size, you will need an even number of rows to complete the scalloped border. The ruffle border can be done with any number of rows.

Ruffle Border:

Without turning to work across the long edge, chain 1, complete 5 sc in each stitch space down one short edge of the triangle.  You will be making stitches in the base of each granny cluster, as well as at on the edge of the third stitch in each cluster. Complete 10 sc in tip of point, complete 5 sc in each stitch space up the other short side of the triangle. End at corner, end stitch, and clip yarn. Hide ends.

Scalloped Border:

Without turning to work back across the long edge, and working only in the base of each granny cluster. *Complete 5 dc in the base of the first granny cluster. Single crochet in next space. Repeat to end. You should end with a sc in the tip and begin the next cluster going up the other short side.  Here is a photo to help. When you reach the top flat edge end your stitch, clip your yarn, and hide your ends.

How to identify the base of a Granny Cluster to complete the Scallop Border on an Ann Granny Shawl- My Workbasket

This pattern is on Ravelry if you’d like to queue it or favorite it there for later!

As always contact me if you have any problem and I also always love to see your finished items!

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