About Us

Hi!! Welcome to My Workbasket!!

Alicia from My Workbasket

10 Facts About Me

  1. Born in 1983, probably should have been ’63
  2. True lover of the 70’s color avocado green
  3. Cannot pass a mirror without making funny faces and before recording any video does a take with weird faces and odd movies lines.
  4. Does not care about “beauty” at all, doesn’t even own mascara or a lipgloss
  5. Loves tacos and sushi
  6. Possibly a little TO Goofy and thinks humor is the answer to everything
  7. Loves cast iron cookware and wooden spoons
  8. Known to frequent various thrift stores, in multiple states, and even on vacation. 
  9. Loves Books. Quite likely will die in an avalanche of antique and vintage books and magazines
  10. Truly loves to see other people happy, and to inspire them to be comfortable in their own skin

I am a crafty person, I have been my whole life. I have been a poor broke crafter in the middle of nowhere, nothing but a Walmart 15 minutes away. I have been a middle-class crafter in the suburbs with multiple craft stores within 3 miles. I grew up around crafty people.  I love to make things, but mostly I craft because I have to. I truly get downright dinghy and awful feeling if I don’t. I’ve been crafting always,  since being in diapers. I change crafts a lot because I get bored and  have some pretty bad ADHD that seems to especially affect crafting. 

If you’d like to contact me then I’d like to hear from you!