Tuesday, May 26, 2020

About Me- AND This Site

Hey Guys!! (Not literally, though hello to any guys reading this as well!!!)

I realized last night that in reality, you don’t know me. Not just in a “this is only a website, and we’ve never met in person” kind of way, but in the fact that I am holding myself back from you. I am not letting you truly meet me and be a part of my life. I’m going to remedy that. Starting right now! You’ll be seeing a lot more of ME on the site. I intend to share more events from my daily life, more of my personal story, more of my personal struggles, more of how I do things, and more of my art and designs. I’ve never been NOT honest with you, but from now on I am going to be 100% honest, including if I didn’t make a post because my life fell apart. Truth is, this website is a business, but this business is me.

Here’s something you probably don’t know, and a big backstory to this site. I have a son (you probably knew that) he is 10, (you probably knew that too) but what you didn’t know is that he is not “Neurotypical.” Meaning, that he has special needs of sorts. When he was little he had a speech delay, verbal apraxia, and selective mutism. He was also diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. We have attended YEARS, countless hours in those years, of therapies. We still attend some events and therapies today for various things, and our list of what we attend could change at any time. We are still delving into the depth of what we are dealing with here, and what all of his diagnoses might be. I don’t want to say too much about what we deal with, because he is ten, and wants (and deserves) a certain amount of privacy. However, I will tell you this: The biggest thing in my Workbasket from day to day, is simply getting him and my family through the day.

I also homeschool (you probably new that) and also run a homeschool group (not sure if you knew that) and it takes a lot of time, and on top of the issues just stated, it is a struggle. Quite often. Hang on to the end of your rope until it is over struggles, and also occasional board meetings struggles.

There are weeks here where I have very little content because I have done very little besides stopping the sky from falling.  I had another blog, a fairly successful for it’s time blog when he was a baby that I had to quit because I couldn’t maintain it and be the mom he needed. I later had a blog that followed our journey specifically but quit it because honestly, I got sick of always talking about our problems. It’s stressful enough dealing with them the first time, much less constantly reliving them through blog posts and replying to comments. Then I missed blogging, I missed it SO much! SO very much. I opted to start a craft blog because I wanted to avoid my problems. I wanted an escape. I wanted a place where it was all crafts and fun and not about issues, and struggles, and stress, and various diagnoses, and therapies, and possible learning disabilities, and meltdowns, and stress. I wanted to ignore that side of my life. I realized though that there are so many days when I can’t do what I want for this blog because of life, because of REAL. I am a HUGE believer in real, nothing bugs me more than fake. This life and this divide is preventing me from being truly 100% real with you.

Recently my family was planning to do a family website and I was excited because I could think of SO many things to talk about. Then that idea fell through (because of everything mentioned above really) and I have decided to put that stuff here.  I want to talk about it, and I have so much fun, helpful, inspiring, funny, stuff to say that doesn’t coincide with vintage magazines and yarn crafts. I have a whole portion of my head dedicated to homeschool knowledge and have been approached by strangers with questions about it. I can name pretty much every single homeschool method and usually several brands or website dedicated to it.

I have been wondering if this site is even what I should be doing with my life. Nobody ever approaches me and randomly asks about a crochet stitch. EVER. I am, surprisingly often,  asked for a curriculum suggestion, a therapy referral, a solution for a problem, and yes, randomly, by complete strangers.

I don’t want to wonder if what I am doing is what I SHOULD be doing, or if it is an escape I am fighting for because I WANT to do it.

Sometimes life is crafty, and sometimes life is messy. (Which I just decided is going to be my new tagline!

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