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  1. Leslie says:

    Alicia, you have my sympathy; I know how hard it is to function on too little sleep!

    As for your posts: the only ones I don’t read are the ones telling how to knit or crochet something because (shifty eyes, furtive look) I can barely knit or crochet and can’t read patterns. But I love seeing the results of your knitting and crocheting!

    I had a booth at a flea market/yard sale last week, hoping to a)make money and b)get rid of some stuff and make a little room in my overcrowded house. Sadly, none of the big things sold; in fact, the most money I made was from vintage, used Christmas cards that I had rescued from disintegrating scrapbooks! Nice, but, y’know, the old school desk and the trunk would’ve cleared out a lot more space…

    I had gathered together some of my duplicate Fad of the Month Club kits, mostly Christmas-themed, and hoped that people would buy those, but no luck. I am going to get together the nerve to go up the street to a newish shop whose owner sells hand-crafted things (wooden signs, scarves, just all kinds of stuff) that she and others make, and ask her if she might consider having me consign some kits there, and have a little display so crafty people could look through them. I have dozens and dozens of duplicate (or triplicate) kits since I often have to buy them in lots just to get one or two that I need.

    Meanwhile I’m trying to tidy my house (which means the main floor; I am doing that by filling the basement and attic…)


    • AliciaS says:

      I suspect most of us that love vintage has a house too full. I know I can justify a few cards but would create quite an issue if I bought a desk! I’d be interested in some kits, if you want to offer me a price to take a lot of them. It would need to be another week or to though.

      Do you WANT to learn to crochet or knit? If so I’ll do more tutorial videos!

      I’m glad you’re around and reading me. I think you’ll really like some new posts I have planned! Thank you for being you!

      • Leslie says:

        Well, I’d like to learn to crochet or knit but it’s going to be a while before I have time.

        Tatting, too. I have a little vintage display full of tatting thread and one of these days I want to make something.

        I’ll put together a list of the extra kits that I have and when I know how many you want I can offer you a combined price. I had a price of $6 on the individual kits. Right now I’m trying to get some of the yellowing out of the straw fabric for a big Santa Slipper. If Perk and Boost don’t do it, I’ll try a really weak Clorox solution.

        I found my bundles of old Workbasket magazines. I’ll write down the dates and see if there are any that you need. They are such a neat magazine.

        One of my (many) collections is old Jack & Jill magazines. It’s still being published, and is certainly better now than it was in, say, the 1980’s or 1990’s, but oh! the early ones are just gorgeous and wonderful. It started in the late ’30’s, and is full of stories by children’s authors and illustrators I know (I’m a children’s librarian), and they are just so charming. The covers are beautiful; I bought some prints of them at Allposters, I think. Anyway, each of them has a little page of crafts that children can make out of household items, and the center pages were usually paper dolls. Lots of fun.



    • Leslie says:

      Well, I stopped by the shop I mentioned, and the owner said she thought people who came in were more interested in buying finished items, and she had some more stuff coming in and wouldn’t have space, so she wasn’t really interested in trying to sell the kits. Pity. But we did have an interesting conversation about the Fad of the Month Club, since she had never heard of it. I took one of my books of postcards with me and was showing her some of them.

      It does seem a pity. Retro is very in these days, and these things are so delightfully kitschy!

  2. Heather says:

    I enjoy both types of posts. I’m like Leslie, very, very new at crochet so i enjoy the works in progress. I feel encouraged when I see that you too struggle with directions or results not being right and deciding how to proceed. And the tutorial videos are outstanding! I love your voice on the blog. Your life isn’t perfectly organized, but you’re so positive and encouraging. Your joy in what you’re doing is infectious!

    • AliciaS says:

      You know me, I don’t think I could be fake or perfect sounding! There’s a reason I was never an actress. lol The CAL is coming to an end soon (I can’t believe it) what would you like to see next!?!?!?

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