Monday, January 25, 2021
A 1931 image of the Hit-or-Miss block, perhaps the original granny square! -- My Workbasket
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1931 “Hit or Miss” Block, the Original Granny Square

I’m having a snow day here and what a lovely snow day it is! Just enough snow to be pretty but worth canceling appointments, and the mailman brought a recent eBay score, 10 Needlecraft magazines from the  1930s. So I’m sipping coffee (will switch to hot tea after this cup) and flipping through my newest magazines.

The January 1931 issue has this picture and directions that blew my mind! The “Hit-or-Miss” block, perhaps the original Granny square! The directions are the same and everything. Maybe “Granny” knew this original version. Have you ever heard it called a Hit or Miss?!?!

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