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Using baskets around your house can help you organize and be cute too!
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10 Ways to Organize with Baskets

If you are looking to spruce up your home décor, baskets are a handy and inexpensive way to add charm while giving your home extra storage space.

10 Simple Ways to Organize with Baskets- Affordable and easy to find, baskets can easily help organize your home and look cute too!
Photo by Ina Soulis on Unsplash

Buying Baskets:

I LOVE to buy baskets at thrift stores and department stores. They’re usually cheap and there is a ton of variety out there. Just be sure to buy sturdy baskets! Usually, thrift stores are my first choice for baskets, just check them thoroughly first. If I know I need a specific size or style, or multiples of a basket, then I go to the department store. The stores always have tons but most of them aren’t good. Nothing worse than having your cute basket fall apart, especially a basket that moves around, and a broken basket looks crummy too.

I still kick myself because once I saw a HUGE frog shaped basket at the thrift store for about $8, and didn’t get it. I just couldn’t think of what I would use it for. Then I was halfway home and realized it would have been AWESOME for storing yarn. Of course, someone else snagged it before I  got time to go back for it. 

Using Baskets:

Using baskets around the house to organize can be affordable and cute too!
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Hobby container—a pretty picnic-type basket (or giant frog) can hold your yarn and needles out of sight until you are ready to get to work. Place it next to your favorite chair or store the basket under an end table. If your kids love to color or doodle while watching TV, store their supplies in a cute kid-friendly basket to keep your living room neat and tidy.

True story- I own about 6 vintage picnic baskets! They are my favorite for craft supplies and kids toys. They tend to be pretty cheap at thrift stores and quite large, and the lid hides your mess out of sight. Plus, if you ever need a basket for a picnic you’ll have one! I buy a vintage picnic basket pretty much every time I see one.

Mail basket—instead of tossing your unread mail on the closest flat surface you can find, place a pretty basket on a table, countertop or desk to hold the mail until you can get to it. This not only looks nicer, but it keeps your mail all in one place so you don’t risk losing important bills or correspondence. You could even do multiple baskets or a basket with sections to divide mail. Bills, letters, magazines are a great way to separate, or bills, good stuff, limited time. Limited time would be things like sales flyers or coupons, worth flipping through but dump it if they are lingering. 

Take out menu holder— We don’t eat out much anymore, because I’m super careful due to celiac disease, but I have done this in the past. Take out menus tend to pile up in drawers, on shelves, and on top of the refrigerator, creating unsightly messes and making it hard to find what you’re looking for. Purchase an oblong or rectangle basket and place all your menus in it. The next time you’re in the mood for takeout, you’ll know where to look. If you don’t want to sacrifice surface space for a basket then try keeping a binder, put in a few plastic sleeves and put menus in the sleeves! 

Kitchen helpers—baskets are awesome additions to your kitchen. Use them to hold your leftover condiment packets from fast food purchases, or put small packets of sweeteners and creamers in one next to the coffee pot. Place a tall sturdy basket within reach of the stove and fill it with your most used utensils. Baskets also make pretty holders for napkins and rolled silverware; choose one that fits your dining room décor and leave it right on the table. You will always have your tableware right within reach. 

Baking Basket- Another great kitchen use is organizing spices and supplies! Have a baking basket with cupcake papers, baking powder, measuring spoons, chocolate chips, etc. Have another with spices for standard dinners. Another basket of liquids, all your oils, vinegars, hot sauce, etc. Then when you bake you can grab a single basket of supplies. Cooking dinner grab the spice basket and set it on the counter, put it back in the cabinet or shelf when you’re done. 

Magazine and book container—give each family member a decorative basket to hold their magazines and books. The next time you come home from the library with a stack of books, your family will have a place to put their own materials. Baskets also work well as homeschooling curriculum holders since the basket can be picked up and moved with your child. It’s not a basket, and it’s not as pretty, but an alternative for homeschool books is a jumbo-sized plastic dishpan! 

You can see my book basket (which actually now is a basket of wool for the spinning wheel) here in my May Book Basket post. Never feel bad about repurposing a basket!

Bathroom organizers—use baskets to keep hair brushes, accessories, and combs in one place. Nail the bottom of a basket to the wall (with the open side facing out), and use it to store extra hand towels and washcloths. If you have the room, use baskets to hold extra rolls of toilet tissue.

Home entertainment holders—if you have trouble keeping track of TV and gaming remotes, use baskets to keep them all in one spot. Place an attractive basket on your coffee table and toss all the gadgets in it. You will never have to look for a lost remote again. You can also sort different systems this way. Have one basket on a shelf with all the PS4, one with all the Wii, one with all the Xbox, put all the games and controllers for each system in one basket. 

Vitamin and Medicine Holder- It’s great to sort your vitamins and supplements in a basket! We have all of ours in a basket in a corner cabinet. You can give each family member a basket or keep everything together depending on what works for you. My son is 11 and knows what to take, so we just keep ours all together. Before bed we pull we out and take all our supplements.

First-Aid Basket- Right next to our vitamin basket is a first aid/sick basket. The first aid basket has band-aids, an arm sling (from when my arm got slammed in a door, never know when you might need it again,) an inhaler spacer, cough medicine, ice bags, pain reliever, etc.  

The uses for baskets as home décor are endless. They not only add charm and extra storage space to your home, but they’re inexpensive as well, giving your home an elegant look on a budget.

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4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Organize with Baskets

  1. I have quite a few nice baskets (not with anything in them, most of them; and not all on display) because I can’t resist a pretty basket. Especially a nesting set. But I’m even more addicted to boxes; not usually big ones, though I do have some quite big hatboxes. Mostly I like smaller ones, especially wooden ones, especially vintage or antique ones.

    I keep thinking I want to run a store; not least because it would be so much fun to set out baskets and boxes with displays of goods in them. Not sure how successful I’d be as a storekeeper, since I can see myself saying, “No, you can’t have that. It’s mine, and I don’t think you would appreciate it or take care of it.” : )

    1. hahahahah I would love to own a store too, and there are many things I can picture putting on the shelves and a few that are “no way, nope, not gonna happen.”

      I have/had a small nesting set of baskets. 4 of them I think, with flap lids and all. The biggest one still fit in your palm with room to spare and the littlest could probably only hold a few pieces of change. I got them in a grab bag once at a thrift store. I can’t think of where they are at the moment and I did a bit of a purge recently, so maybe I sacrificed them to the thrift store.

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