10 Ways to Organize with Baskets

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  1. Leslie says:

    I have quite a few nice baskets (not with anything in them, most of them; and not all on display) because I can’t resist a pretty basket. Especially a nesting set. But I’m even more addicted to boxes; not usually big ones, though I do have some quite big hatboxes. Mostly I like smaller ones, especially wooden ones, especially vintage or antique ones.

    I keep thinking I want to run a store; not least because it would be so much fun to set out baskets and boxes with displays of goods in them. Not sure how successful I’d be as a storekeeper, since I can see myself saying, “No, you can’t have that. It’s mine, and I don’t think you would appreciate it or take care of it.” : )

    • MyWorkbasket says:

      hahahahah I would love to own a store too, and there are many things I can picture putting on the shelves and a few that are “no way, nope, not gonna happen.”

      I have/had a small nesting set of baskets. 4 of them I think, with flap lids and all. The biggest one still fit in your palm with room to spare and the littlest could probably only hold a few pieces of change. I got them in a grab bag once at a thrift store. I can’t think of where they are at the moment and I did a bit of a purge recently, so maybe I sacrificed them to the thrift store.

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