Welcome to My Workbasket!

Let me give you a tour!

The website has a blog-style set-up with craft projects, tutorials, and patterns. It was recently redone and is still being edited. After years of running this site, it got really bloated with unused posts and they were removed to make way for the new. The blog is the place to go for patterns, and if you prefer reading to watching videos. The Blog will occasionally be updated with only a few posts per month. 

If you want absolutely nothing but FREE Patterns of all kinds, then click the Free Patterns Button. 

Prefer videos? Want to hear me chatter? Check out my YouTube channel, where I regularly vlog my craft endeavors.  I try to post multiple times a week of behind the scenes crafty fun and chatting!

I post pretty much daily on my Instagram if you want behind the scenes photos, quick peeks at stuff to come, and cute pictures of my cat. 

If you are a long-time reader and are looking for a specific post that you remember you can search for it on the right sidebar. If you can’t find it, it’s probably removed. All my old posts are saved and backed up elsewhere. If you email me I’ll dig it up for you.

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