Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Hi!! Welcome to My Workbasket!!

My Workbasket started years ago as a craft blog but with time has morphed in a web store for a fun variety of items!

If you read us as a blog then you’ll love us as a store!  We have handmade items, vintage and antiques, and more! 

Just click SHOP above to shop, or read below for more about us and how our shop works!

Alicia from My Workbasket

10 Facts About Me

  1. Born in 1983, probably should have been ’63
  2. True lover of the 70’s color avocado green
  3. Cannot pass a mirror without making funny faces and before recording any video does a take with weird faces and odd movies lines.
  4. Does not care about “beauty” at all, doesn’t even own mascara or a lipgloss
  5. Loves tacos and sushi
  6. Possibly a little TO Goofy and thinks humor is the answer to everything
  7. Loves cast iron and wooden spoons
  8. Known to frequent various thrift stores
  9. Loves Books. Quite likely will die in an avalanche of antique and vintage books and magazines
  10. Truly loves to see other people happy, and to inspire them to be comfortable in their own skin

About My Workbasket

I am a crafty person, I have been my whole life. I have been a poor broke crafter in the middle of nowhere, nothing but a Walmart 15 minutes away. I have been a middle-class crafter in the suburbs with multiple craft stores within 3 miles. I grew up around crafty people.  I love to make things, but mostly I craft because I have to. I truly get downright dingy and awful feeling if I don’t. I’ve been crafting since probably diapers. I change crafts a lot because I get bored and  have some pretty bad ADHD that seems to especially affect crafting. I know how to make a wide variety of things, so wide that it may leave you wondering if all of these items in the shop are really made by one person. (They’re not always, but they could be!) 

A huge pet peeve of mine is the the fair wage that crafters deserve and rarely get. All of our shop prices are based on paying an actual livable wage of at least $10 an hour to all of our artisans. People tend to care about fair trade with products made in other countries, but are willing to pay an American Artisan mere pennies an hour. I work with friends and family that live in areas where they can’t make a fair wage at craft shows locally, and I toss their products in with my own for sales. I then pay them for their work and supplies, and only keep enough to cover expenses. They make what they want, when they want, send them to me, and I list it at prices that actually pay them for their time and skill. 

I really care about encouraging people to make things, and then getting a good, fair wage if they decide to sell those things. So I  want to encourage you to make things and buy handmade. This shop is a work in progress so bear with me as I find my way! I’m excited for this new venture!

If you’d like to contact me then I’d like to hear from you! 

Shop Policies

Shipping & Handling- We charge a flat rate $4 for small light items (like earrings) and a flat rate $8 for larger items (like ponchos/shawls). Vintage and Antique Items will be priced for shipping as needed, but utilizing those flat rates when possible. Shipping and handling will be added at checkout based on the heaviest item you have. So if you have a poncho and some earrings, and a key chain it’s going to be a flat $8. This applies to US Shipping ONLY. If you are outside of the USA, please contact me before purchase to arrange shipping. 

Inventory- Most items are one of a kind, so if you love it, snag it! Items with a variety in stock are almost always shipped assorted. Meaning we pick a color from our stash. If you’re ordering other items we’ll base it on those if possible to give you a color you like. If you order multiple we’ll assort and ship as many colors as possible. If something you love is gone, or you’d like more than one of something contact us and we can discuss if the item can be custom made. 

Personal Information & Spam-   We DO NOT automatically add you to our shop updates emails or use your private information in any way unrelated to your purchase. I only use what I need to ship you packages and notify you of shipment. That’s it. If you want to receive emails then please subscribe using the box on the right. We’ll send emails only periodically when something big is happening or when I remember too! Payment should be made through Paypal, who does not send me any of your personal financial information. 

If You’re Looking for Something from When this was a Blog-   This isn’t really a shop policy, but I didn’t know where else to put it. All the blog posts from before are still around, you’ll just need to use the search in the upper right and track down what you’re looking for. I have not deleted any of those posts. If you’re looking for any of my free patterns, they’re still available, very easily, by clicking “Free Patterns” in the very top menu bar.  

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