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Hot Turkey Salad 0

Hot Turkey Salad

My husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary back in October, and I remember making hot chicken salad years ago as a newlywed in our apartment. The November 1962 issue featured the same...

Spiced Apples 0

Spiced Apples

The November 1962 issue I’m currently working on has a ton of recipes (17 if my memory serves) but they’re mostly for Thanksgiving or Turkey leftovers. I don’t have turkey leftovers yet obviously, but...

Spaghetti Fritatta  0

Spaghetti Fritatta 

The October/November 1992 issue features surprisingly few recipes, but I was intrigued by the spaghetti fritatta.  It features egg, mozzarella, parmesan, bacon, and the main ingredient cooked spaghetti. The great benefit to this is...