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The cover and craft highlights from a December 1960 magazine issue-- My Workbasket 0

December 1960

December 1960! When this magazine cost 15 cents to pick up at a newsstand, and as the handwritten note says shows “knit cuffs!” Also in 1960, the US was the first to legalize the...

Gift Ideas from Beau-Coup- Affordable Gift Ideas 0

Gift Ideas from Beau-Coup- Affordable Gift Ideas

I have a friend that I know reads this page (*waves*) and she has a regular problem- Shopping for nice but somewhat generic gifts for sets of people. For example several people from of...

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2 AM

I am so behind on this page and my projects for this page. It’s awful. I promise you I’m around, I’m alive, and I’m working. For the last week? Two weeks? Three weeks? I...