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Just chatting about life, crafts, and other things over coffee! My Workbasket 2

Goals, Time Management, and Surprising Kids

You guys, I am SO bad at time management and getting stuff done. I have serious time management problems. I can easily spend time making lists, planning, creating a system, but when it comes...

About Me- AND This Site 0

About Me- AND This Site

Hey Guys!! (Not literally, though hello to any guys reading this as well!!!) I realized last night that in reality, you don’t know me. Not just in a “this is only a website, and...

The cover and craft highlights from a December 1960 magazine issue-- My Workbasket 0

December 1960

December 1960! When this magazine cost 15 cents to pick up at a newsstand, and as the handwritten note says shows “knit cuffs!” Also in 1960, the US was the first to legalize the...