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Gift Ideas from Beau-Coup- Affordable Gift Ideas 0

Gift Ideas from Beau-Coup- Affordable Gift Ideas

I have a friend that I know reads this page (*waves*) and she has a regular problem- Shopping for nice but somewhat generic gifts for sets of people. For example several people from of...

The magazine issue of the month, November 1964. I'll be making some projects and trying some recipes. Plus posting funny ads! My Workbasket 0

It’s November 1964!

I noticed this issue has no sign of an address label! Perhaps it was picked up at a newsstand for 15 cents. If you drove to the newsstand you may have paid 30 cents...

Some of the projects I've been working on. -- My Workbasket 2

Weekly Workbasket- October 8

I’ve had a blend of a productive and lazy week. Some days I got barely anything done, some days I was like a machine. I have several projects that are really coming along.  As...