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Weekly Workbasket 0

Weekly Workbasket

Hello there you wonderful regular reader! You may have noticed the lack of Weekly Workbasket yesterday. I’ve decided not to keep doing the Weekly Workbasket. Instead, I hope to take that time to work...

This Week and the CAL 0

This Week and the CAL

If you are following along in the CAL, don’t worry, you haven’t missed a post. Last weekend my shoulder was flared up and I was unable to record the next video. In fact, my...

The 1967 Beret, a great hat, with a simple knitting stitch. FREE pattern!-- My Workbasket 0

The 1967 Knit Beret

In the September 1967 issue, one pattern I started immediately was this beret. Just one problem. At first, I overlooked the original stitch pattern and looked up an alternative. Turns out the stitch pattern...