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Beautiful, colorful, large roving braids from Needleclicks Etc 0

Homespun Yarn Party 2018

Last weekend it was a quilt show and this weekend a fiber festival! I’m very lucky to live in a place where stuff like this happens fairly frequently. The best part of this festival,...

Two Rows down, many many left to do. 2

I’m doing Latch Hook!

I was a crafty child, I’ve mentioned that before. I remember doing some things successfully and some things poorly, and I remember a LOT of giving up and unfinished projects. A LOT. One project/craft...

Condo Knitting?? 4

Condo Knitting??

Hi everyone!! Recently I’ve been chugging away at several projects and working on doing my Make Your Home Challenges, and I’ve been pondering something. Condo Knitting. Recently, I have been hearing this phrase and...