About My Workbasket

About Me:

10 Facts:

  1. Born in 1983, probably should have been ’63
  2. True lover of the 70’s color avocado green
  3. Cannot pass a mirror without making funny faces and before recording any video does a take with weird faces and odd movies lines.
  4. Does not care about “beauty” at all, doesn’t even own mascara or a lipgloss
  5. Loves tacos and sushi
  6. Possibly a little TO Goofy and thinks humor is the answer to everything
  7. Loves cast iron and wooden spoons
  8. Known to frequent various thrift stores
  9. Loves Books. Quite likely will die in an avalanche of antique and vintage books and magazines
  10. Truly loves to see other people happy, and to inspire them to create

The Crafter Behind it All:

I’ve been crafting my entire life. I know almost every craft that most people can think of. I can knit, crochet, tat, sew, weave, cook, bake, make soap and candles, a wide variety of needlepoint/needlework styles, hot glue, paint, basket weave, latch hook, needle punch, cross stitch, the list goes on and on. I’ve even worked in an art glass studio. When people learn I do crafts they usually ask if I’ve tried some craft or another, so far only one person has ever asked a craft I haven’t at least tried.

Once at age 5 I made a doll on the sewing machine with my Mom in the morning before attending kindergarten that afternoon. At 8 I learned to knit. At 13 I learned to crochet. And in the years between then and now I’ve tried every craft I can find. I’m never afraid to try something new.

I’ve been on papercraft and mixed media design teams. I’ve taught both online and in person classes on various crafts and ideas, anything from making paper beads (even with cork paper) to jewelry making, to using a Cricut machine, to altering books.

Not Just Crafty:

In the non-crafty side of my life, I’m a homemaker. I homeschool my son, who currently is 10. I’m not sure what “grade” he is in. I run our local homeschool group. (BUT I don’t tend to talk about homeschooling much here at My Workbasket.)

I’m married to a man that I’ve been with for almost two decades. I was 16 when we met, 18 when we got engaged, 20 when we got married, 21 when we bought a house, and 23 when I had a son. I hope to be married to him for 80 years.

About the Site:

My Workbasket started with the idea of using a vintage magazine (The Workbasket to be specific) and following an issue every month. Over about a year it changed a bit. I decided to ditch the monthly issue theme in January 2018. The site is a blend of old and new, with fun modern patterns and original designs as well as old crafts redone for new days. Add a sprinkle of food, some vintage fun, and just the things that occupy my days.

Also in 2018, I added the Make Your Home Challenge! A series of videos, challenges, and subjects to help everyone, myself included, with struggles that most of us seem to have. From organization to being crafty to just being proud of our accomplishments.


If you’d like to contact me then I’d like to hear from you! Drop me an email at Alicia@myworkbasket.com