What’s This All About?

Hello! Somewhere along the lines you stumbled upon this blog, and are probably wondering what it’s about. I collect an old craft magazine called The Workbasket. For years I talked about this blog idea and one day decided to go for it. Each month I will pick a magazine from my collection, from a random year, and act as though that magazine just arrived in the mail. I’ll introduce it, then make the crafts, cook the recipes, follow the gardening tips, and even track down items from the old advertisments! All of my progress and thoughts will be posted here.

The Workbasket was made for over 50 years! So when I select a magazine to use it could be from anywhere from the 40s to the early 90s! I’m going to randomly select each month, so some months may have things I hate, because I’m not choosing based on years or projects.
Here is my collection, all laid out to organize and get started! 

Each stack is one year, and gaps are years that I don’t have any issues from. Yes, I’m ¬†still collecting and hope to fill those gaps too!

About me, well I’ve been crafting my entire life. I know almost every craft that most people can think of. I can knit, crochet, tat, sew, weave, cook, bake, make soap and candles, a wide variety of needlepoint/needlework styles, hot glue, paint, basket weave, the list goes on and on. In other words, I’m capable of making most, if not all, the patterns that pop up as I blog. If something is a failure you’ll know, I’m honest and as real as they come.

Some projects will be made as close to listed as possible. If a pattern calls for cheap acrylic yarn than in most cases that is what I’ll use. Occasionally I’ll have reboots, where I remake a project in better, more updated materials. I will no doubt use jello in a dinner somewhere along the lines. I’m sure I’ll make more than one doily.
I just want to have fun with it! And I hope you enjoy my journey!


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